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Cast to TV – XCast v2.3.3 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Cast to TV provides users with an enjoyable entertainment experience when streaming their favorite content on a larger TV screen. The connection is simple and must meet many different conditions, such as wifi. Meanwhile, you can also find a variety of TVS on which the app supports playing content, and it also comes with controls from Android devices.

About Cast to TV – XCast

Play content on large-screen devices

In Cast to TV, users can watch content they love and have ready to go on a big-screen TV in absolutely impressive quality on Android devices. So, you can decide your own experience and use the different features offered by the app. You also need to pay attention to some factors related to the connection element in order to proceed quickly and start the entertainment process immediately.


Contains a link to the TV that updates the list

The first thing you need to do to use Cast to TV is connect to the big-screen device you own. At the same time, the app will find a list of supported apps and can link to a list that is always updated automatically. You need to select the type of device you want to view.

A range of supported TVS you can’t miss

You can use Cast to TV to connect to multiple supported devices. There are multiple types of TVS that can be used as a second broadcast screen, such as Chromecast, smart TV, Amazon TV, Roku, and others. Also, if your TV is of the DLNA type, you need to pay attention to the wifi network used by both types of devices. Before connecting, you need to connect them to stable and the same wifi, which is not a big job, but requires the user’s attention.

Check out your favorite file types

After successfully connecting both devices, you’ll start using Cast to TV for entertainment. The app will automatically browse all locations within your device to find out what types of files you can open. At the same time, you will also create a queue of files that you can view or listen to using the corresponding support features. Then unique content will appear before your eyes and you have to watch them until you get tired of them.

Turn your Android device into a remote control

The roles of the two devices your application is connected to will have different characteristics that you need to be aware of. Your TV will act as a receiver, so what you watch is entirely controlled by your Android device. So you can quickly stop the previous/next operation of the video player as well as many other operations. Moreover, you can easily find playback features such as random play to listen to while playing any audio file.


Easily prepare for your entertainment

Broadcast on a large TV screen has a variety of roles for you to take advantage of. In some emergency situations, you can use it to show what you’re about to show on your TV for your colleagues to see, and you’ll automatically customize it to your wishes. Also, if you want to party with friends and are busy with food and drinks, then you can use the movies on the device and play them so that everyone can watch them.

Experiencing the content you have on the big screen is easy

  • With just a few clicks, Android devices can easily play content on a large TV screen.
  • The app will update the connected devices through a list that the user can select.
  • The app supports a completely different number of devices and TVS, and there are a number of connectivity factors you’ll need to comply with to complete the process.
  • Many files can be played on the TV screen, and the controls vary depending on the type.
  • Playback of the content on a television screen can be used for many different purposes.


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