CCleaner v23.21.0 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

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The ultimate cleaning application for your Android phone!

Speed up your phone with CCleaner for Android. Optimize your device by removing apps and deleting junk files.

CCleaner helps your phone run faster and healthier by cleaning and rearranging all the data on your device and proactively removing all unnecessary junk. After using CCleaner, you will find that your device runs faster.

Organize data, clean up memory, and speed up your Android phone!

  • When to clean your phone?

After a time using the device, like 1-2 years, things are suddenly strangely slow. Even if you’ve deleted all your photo messages in the online messaging app, or you’ve taken the time to review all the videos and photos on your device to remove a bunch of content, the phone still isn’t getting any faster.

Or in another scenario where everything is normal and suddenly one day you can’t access Facebook Messenger, can’t open Viber and can’t see your email. When you restart, the device says it’s running out of space and needs to delete something urgently. Obviously, memory stagnation is the cause of this situation, but you don’t know where to start deleting, or how to delete the tedious stuff on your phone. Is there really a lot of hidden data taking up memory that you’re not even aware of?

  • What is CCleaner?

CCleaner is an app that helps you clean up everything on your phone, maximize memory, and free up space, thereby helping your device run faster and more efficiently. When it comes to cleaning your phone, you might think you can do it on your own. Yes, but sometimes all you can really clean is the surface.

This cleaning job, while seemingly simple, involves many complex steps and requires you to have specialized tools like CCleaner. The app will help you check, scan from the inside out, and display notification pages, with detailed statistics on all parts occupying the memory of your device, even including hidden data. These include information files, images, videos, apps, games, spyware, and data deep inside each app that you accidentally pick up…

After displaying it as a detailed summary, you can decide which sections to remove or keep. Or you can use the app’s auto-delete feature to save time. Of course, then you still have to review and delete more personal files that the app can’t decide on its own, but the time savings are still significant.

CCleaner’s smart cleaning capabilities are highly appreciated by users for being proactive, meticulous, and able to go deep into the smallest nooks and crannies of the equipment to track cleaning work. So deep, so tight.

  • CCleaner helps to scan and analyze the status of hard disk space

CCleaner integrates AI recognition technology. With this technology, the app will help you scan the entire device and report the current capacity situation.

This detailed report will let you know which parts have been used the least since they were downloaded and which parts have taken up the most space… This is the storage space on your base phone where you can easily select files, folders, and “heavy” albums and put them into a filter list to save.

If Auto mode is selected. CCleaner will automatically use its AI to find duplicate and unused files and start cleaning. All major causes of device stagnation are handled by CCleaner app. Examples include duplicate files/images, junk files, and unused files. When authorized by you, CCleaner will handle a lot of detailed work quickly and neatly, including the final step of deleting unnecessary files. Everything happens in an instant.

  • Uninstall the application completely

After deleting unwanted image and data files, CCleaner will go to the app. Deleting a file, folder, or app on your phone is more than just deleting ICONS on your screen.

If you do this manually, you’ll need to find the source of each item and then remove it entirely. But when using CCleaner, once a file is deleted, nothing is left. Therefore, the new space recovered with CCleaner is definitely a clean space, ready to receive new data.

  • CCleaner can also censor apps

This seemingly unrelated function to the equipment cleaning process turns out to be extremely necessary. It will help limit programs that run in the background without your knowledge while browsing the web or performing a task on your phone. This helps to save space and improve the performance of the phone many times over.

Throughout the working process (scanning, reporting, actively deleting or waiting for the user to make a selection and then executing a command), CCleaner does not affect other tasks that are happening on the device (such as downloading a video/file or chatting), as long as the app that is performing that task is not deleted.

  • CCleaner FAQ

1. Is there any difference between before and after using CCleaner?

First, you have more available space to save pictures, videos, files, or download games. Next, everything on your phone speeds up. Because of the freed up space, tasks have more room to perform. You don’t have to carry too much stuff, so you can solve problems much faster.

Another psychological benefit is that after using CCleaner once, you will find that you are wasting too much space on your phone. Later, you might think more before deciding to download certain content to your phone.

2. Is CCleaner safe?

Of course, the application is safe to download and does not require any additional applications during the installation process.

3. Does CCleaner work?

The basic functions of CCleaner are very simple and can be used by anyone. Note that you should monitor the notification window that appears on the app during data scanning and cleaning to make sure you don’t miss any important information or make the wrong decision.

  • Download CCleaner APK & MOD for Android

CCleaner should be installed when you want to clean up your phone, return clean space, and run faster. After that, surfing the Internet or doing everything on your phone will be significantly faster.


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