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Chordify: Instant chords for any song.
Chordify can give you the correct chords for every song and has useful features for all learners that help you learn popular instruments, including guitar, piano, and ukulele, 10 times easier than usual.

Introduction to Chordify

Provide the correct chords for each song to help you learn the piano the fastest way!

Accurate song chords for guitar, piano and ukulele
🎶 Search our over 36,000,000 song chord catalog
🎸 Animated views for all instruments
📖 Easy to use interactive player to jam along with…

What is Chordify?

Have you ever learned the basics but not seen any progress for a long time? Have you ever understood the basics, but still couldn’t make standard chords for your favorite songs to play for your favorite person? Want to quickly master 3 of today’s most popular instruments: guitar, piano, and ukulele, but don’t know where to start? Chordify is the perfect answer to all of the above questions.

This app instantly provides the chords of every song for guitar, piano, and ukulele. The app has a library of 22,000,000 chords, and simply listen to one of your favorite songs and you instantly have a set of standard chords corresponding to that song.

However, Chordify can also display dynamic pressing for each chord pattern based on your own requirements or based on a list of chords just found from the song. By referring to How to press, you’ll get all the necessary parameters and learn the best chord transitions for all situations, including the most rhythmic songs like rock and roll.

Thanks to this core feature, Chordify can help you shorten the time it takes to get familiar with and learn the above instruments, and start becoming a real musician anytime, anywhere. Sometimes, after using Chordify for a while, you’ll no longer need to open the app because you’ve trained yourself to react quickly and naturally and know what chords to use in such situations. At this point, it’s clear that Chordify has helped you come a long way.

Find the chords for each song

You may not know it, but the notes of the leading hand on an instrument are only part of the rhythm, but the melody is determined by the chords of the other hand. Without chords, everything is just a soulless song.

However, finding chords that match the tone of the songs and the rhythm and feel of each song is not easy.

Not only do you need a solid vocal background, a slightly superior memory, but you also need an extremely nimble ability to improvise and adapt to any music. A person who can accompany the rhythm of every song is actually a talented artist.

If you are just starting out and want to focus directly on accompaniment, or have been playing for a while and want to learn more about accompaniment, Chordify can be the ideal partner for you.

Using this app, you can quickly find the correct chord set for each requested song. In Chordify, there are more than 22,000,000 chords available to match to music listened to by the app. Simply choose your favorite song (in the app or from outside), choose the instrument you want to use and start the scale, where the melody appears and the chord sequence will be completed. By the end of the song, you have a piece of music with the most exact chords.

This means you can access any music in any genre, from country to rock, blues, jazz, hip-hop. Then there are classic songs based on weddings, Halloween, Christmas, New Year and other events… Every song, no matter the nuances, who the voice is, or how fast or slow it is, is not difficult for Chordify. You will always get the most accurate set of chords in any case.

Watch the animation to learn how to play chords with Chordify Premium

When you download the premium version of the app, you’ll complete the instrument lesson via your mobile device.

Because in addition to the main feature of finding chords for each song, you also get animations that describe how to dynamically play chords that correspond to the chords you’re looking for or displayed on the track.

Imagine you have a chord from your favorite song, but that’s just the name of the chord, not the way it plays on the keyboard. Shouldn’t you be looking up words online all the time, seeing what chords are, then memorizing each chord, and then connecting them together? That would be very inconvenient.

Instead, Chordify Premium users can instantly enjoy animations detailing how to play each chord. As a result, you can not only observe how many keys and keys are pressed for each chord, but also see the secret to converting one chord to another, quickly and reasonably. If you have both, then you have mastered the chord chart.

In addition, to make the observation process more efficient, Chordify allows users to slow down the song to slowly catch up. You’ll need this feature badly, especially for chords that are difficult to switch continuously.

If you want to manually edit a new mix based on the original track, you can also download the chords of the previous song in MIDI format and then freely edit the sounds as needed.

If you want to print it out for a closer look or put it in front of the accompaniment, you can export the chord file displayed on your computer as a PDF file that can be printed easily and accurately.

Download Chordify MOD & APK for Android

The quickest way to be your own musician, the shortcut to becoming an expert accompanist, the effective way to mix music and have all the chords at your fingertips all sum up the power of Chordify.


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