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Chronus is a collection of widgets that include a home screen clock and a lock screen with weather alerts, News Feed, Google Tasks, stocks, and calendar features. It’s all in one lightweight app.

Introduction to Chronus

All the clock, weather, calendar, and news feed widgets in one app!

Everyone needs a set of built-in utilities

The home screen and lock screen of our phones are the places we most often see them when we’re not using them. So it would be great if this home screen could consolidate the information you need to catch up on quickly during the day.

You don’t need to open your phone, open a news page, or open an app to browse quickly. Just tap or tap your phone to watch it anytime, anywhere.

If you’re looking for an app that can do this, please try Chronus.

What is space-time?

Chronus is a collection of widgets that include home and lockscreen clocks, weather, News Feed, Google Tasks, stocks, and a calendar.

Less storage and less battery consumption

As a flexible utility, Chronus is optimized in terms of CPU and data usage compared to other utilities. Multiple Chronus utilities on the same device will use the same terminal processing system and update at the same time. The software takes up less space and uses less battery, but still provides all the basic information users need, even without having to go deep into the app.

You can select one or all of the features, and the unused ones will be completely disabled without affecting the mobile device’s CPU, data, or battery.

Developer remarks

Chronus is compatible with Android 4. And higher, as well as 3rd party lock screen software on Android 5+. This Chronus app may conflict if you use the Xpose framework to “go beyond” the Android Widget API.

Summary of Chronus’ detailed feature series

Full features for Flex, Flex (emulation), Pixel+, Pixel2+ widgets, Clock+, Clock+ (News Feed), News Feed, News, Google Tasks, and Weather
Customizable interface and most diverse components
Weather information is provided by Yahoo! , OpenWeatherMap, Weather Underground (PWS) and MET Norway
Weather, calendar, and tasks are notified through short notifications
News Feed feature with built-in RSS feed, Pocket, and internal article reader support
Support a calendar function where pages can scroll upcoming events
Display and highlight upcoming calendar events using custom bold colors and fonts
Backup and Restore utility Settings
Add two DashClock extensions to the Flex and Dash widgets
With Gmail, missed calls, calendar, and Messages extensions
CyanogenMod. Weather provider support
What else does the Pro version do?

To fully experience the app and get more interesting features, you might consider upgrading to the paid Pro version. There will now be a set of additional advanced features, including:

Extra Widgets (Calendar, Clock, Weather Board, Weather Panel and Stocks)
Customize actions when pressing Clock, Calendar and Weather to open apps
Change the Weather and Clock position alignment
Change clock style (display as a digital or analog clock)
Calendar month interface
Color Calendar and Events
Customize the widget background
Add News providers (Feedly, Twitter, Reddit)
Sleep mode screen
Add Unlimited DashClock Extension
Android Wear support
Chronus Wear combines Google Fit and weather forecast

Download Chronus MOD & APK for Android

You might think Chronus is just a small mobile app without any useful features. But did you know that mobile phones bring convenience to primary users because it always has hundreds of little utilities? Chronus will contribute to the diversification of the small possibilities to achieve this goal. Get everything at a glance with Chronus app (weather, calendar, time, events, jobs, news, stocks, etc.).


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