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Never miss a message, photo or video from your child’s classroom. Download the ClassDojo mobile application to help your child become their best self.

ClassDojo is a breakthrough education app that has changed the way education is taught in classrooms around the world. With the goal of creating a friendlier, more connected learning environment that leads to better academic outcomes for students, ClassDojo has become an integral part of the learning and teaching process for many teachers and students.

  • Improve classroom communication

ClassDojo was born in 2011 with a mission to improve classroom communication and management. ClassDojo, founded by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, has quickly become one of the most popular education apps in the world, used by millions of teachers, students, and parents every day. The app aims to build a strong bridge between teachers, students and parents and facilitate the teaching process.

Teachers now have a perfect alternative to having to use only social networks outside the educational mainstream to receive information and assign homework. Thus, when using ClassDojo, the teacher can send messages and announcements to the whole class or to individual students. This makes it easy to announce lectures, assignments, or any important information. In addition, teachers can share pictures and videos of classroom activities to make the learning process lively and interesting.

  • Monitor student behavior

Many teachers, especially in primary and secondary schools, are struggling to correct the behavior of these immature children. It’s not a good idea if you’re constantly calling parents just to tell them they’re being bad. Conversely, having an electronic log that connects parents and teachers is not a bad idea.

Among them, teachers can record students’ positive or negative behaviors in class in the ClassDojo app, so that parents can immediately capture what their children are doing in class. In addition, teachers are able to record disciplinary incidents and track student progress. This can help to deal with classroom behavior issues fairly and effectively.

  • Effective classroom management

Another useful feature of ClassDojo that can’t be ignored is the ability to manage classrooms for teachers. In this section, teachers can create class lists, manage student directories, and track individual student information. Teachers in the same school also share this information with each other. This helps teachers to be more effective in the classroom, accurately assessing the ability of each student while standing in front of the classroom.

  • Make a teaching plan

To maximize support for teachers in scheduling their teaching schedules, the ClassDojo app helps teachers scientifically create and manage lesson schedules that students and parents can understand.

To create a new lesson plan, teachers need to access the classroom admin or dashboard in ClassDojo. Then they choose the “Add schedule” or “Create New event” feature.

Next, the instructor needs to name the event or lecture in a descriptive and easy-to-understand way so that students and parents can easily identify and understand the course content. After naming, choose the date and time of the class or activity (instructors can also set start and end times so that the duration of the class is clearly defined). In addition, the instructor can add a detailed description of the course, such as what materials students need to prepare, where they will study…

  • Share learning materials

Last but not least is the teacher-student learning sharing function. This is a very useful feature for teachers to share important documents with students during course research, as well as documents outside the textbook or syllabus for students to refer to. In addition, students can also use this function to share learning materials with each other, helping the class to stay dynamic and progress.

  • Download ClassDojo

ClassDojo has changed the way people think about education and created a connected and positive learning environment. With important features that connect teachers with students, teachers with parents, and classmates, this is truly an educational app worth trying in any school model. ClassDojo proves the importance of collaboration in education and brings great benefits to all involved.


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