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A browser with many impressive built-in features!

Search around the Internet,  you will see many people wondering whether to use Co Co or Chrome. Put like that with a leading Google browser,  Co Co must have something to make users consider. Before downloading,  you can refer to some information about the Co Co web browser for Android mobile now.

  • What is Co Co?

Co Co is a web browser for multiple devices. On PCS, Co Co has built a strong reputation and popularity no less than that of any long-established browser. Many users even find it hard to decide whether to use Chrome or Co. So on mobile devices, will the browser retain its inherent advantages and bring many advantages to the web?

  • Helps to load websites faster

One of the first advantages when choosing Co Co as a mobile browser is browsing speed. When using Co Co, pages load and files download quickly, saving you search time.

In the process of using the Internet, Co Co minimizes browsing data and maximizes page loading sessions. In addition, it is equipped with automatic filtering of harmful, annoying, and annoying AD content. Browsing by Co Co can also help you save battery and mobile data on your device. Co Co can be called a stress-free web browser because everything is minimized, or completely eliminated (ads or viruses) to achieve the optimal speed for each device.

If you need to download any files from the Internet, Co Co is also an app that definitely supports this process, being able to speed up file download up to 8x faster compared to other browsers. At this speed, you can easily download large files in the shortest time compared to normal.

Co Co also maximizes its network load time by automatically suggesting keywords and recently visited web pages. These keywords are collected by the app and learned from your previous online searches. The process of finding a network to access is faster and more accurate.

  • Safe browsing

Every web browser has security features and protects the user’s information. With Co Co, you’ll benefit from a range of heavily guarded gates. The web browser has built-in security features that are updated more frequently than other browsers. Co Co has not only one layer, but multiple layers of security. Almost no agent can penetrate your data.

  • Browse the web with ease and no ads

It can be called Adblock to help filter out harmful and annoying ads. The app even has an Adblock Plus feature that ensures the absolute “elimination” of all forms of advertising, even the most sophisticated ads on the web.

Co Co also has a built-in Safe browsing feature that displays easy-to-understand warnings when you open websites that do not use dedicated connections, are not secure, or contain content such as cybersecurity risks, viruses, and more.

In addition to the above two features, Secure browsing is also equipped with anonymous Web access mode. The app itself promises not to save browsing history, cookies or website data and any information you enter in any form on the web. Safe Browsing can also help you send requests to websites that may not collect or track your browsing data for any advertising purposes.

However, Co Co can also help you lock your browser with a PIN code or Touch ID. It then automatically deletes the history, deleting all tabs, as well as browsing history, and automatically exits the app when factors that are too risky are detected.

  • Friendly browsing

Co Co aims to create the most favorable conditions for users during their web browsing. The app has many built-in features that meet all your needs, such as browsing, entertaining, working, studying, playing games… All 24/7 waiting for you to perform tasks.

As with news updates, the browser home page always displays the latest news and offers personalized recommendations with the help of artificial intelligence technology. Co Co can also support you if you regularly use your phone to watch videos or music videos. You can watch unlimited, nonstop movies in a floating window in the corner of the screen through the app’s picture-in-picture mode.

And when you want to find information about all aspects of your life, you can find what you need immediately using the Search box equipped with the Co Co Search function. Co Co’s search capability is as fast and broad as 20 ordinary search engines, covering news, entertainment, learning and various fields. Well, you can search in a variety of ways, keyword, voice or QR code.

When browsing the web with Co Co every day, you can choose a dark or light mode depending on the ambient light conditions. When needed, power saving mode can be used to limit electricity usage for a period of time.

  • Synchronization

Browsing via Co Co also includes syncing capabilities. All the websites you visit have been bookmarked, anchored, and yes/no options for storing passwords and browsing history. As a result, you can seamlessly continue the browsing process on many different devices anytime and anywhere without any interruptions.

  • Download Co Co APK for Android

As long as you have an Internet connection, Co Co makes your web browsing journey more enjoyable, efficient, secure, and faster than ever before.


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