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Infinite and flexible sketching.

Concepts is a living space for art lovers who love pictures, sketches, floor plans, diagrams, and everything from doodles to meticulous professionals. Concepts not only help you have a fresher and better life, but also help all users.

What makes Concepts special?

  • Infinite Canvas
  • Vector-Raster Hybrid
  • Present Live
  • Editable Vectors
  • Iterate Freely
  • Import Files
  • Design with Precision
  • Object Libraries1
  • Export PDFs

Let’s talk about Concepts

Concepts is a tool to sketch, annotate, design and create beautiful drafts!

Multifunctional creative tool

Are you an art lover, or are you looking for a tool to help you create drafts, draw ideas, or design creative pieces? It’s time to give Concepts a try.

Concepts is more than just a drawing tool. To be precise, it is a flexible art space that can help you think, connect, plan and create all aspects of your life and work. Through this app, you can quickly sketch your ideas using a variety of interesting canvas templates. There are available pens, ink pens, and different types of brushes with their own inclination, pressure, and strokes.

The finished product created from Concepts can be an artistic drawing, a skilled sketch of a product, or a design proposal. From this initial idea, you can easily visualize the ideas you want to share with customers and friends.

Everything is rooted in vector and concept art

What makes Concepts unique is that everything the application creates is derived from vectors. This means that all of your strokes, large and small, can be edited once they’re made, including nibs of different colors and types.

So if you’re just starting out, aren’t good at drawing, or want to continue editing, don’t worry. Just by using the set of editing tools provided in the app (including tweaking, slicing, and selecting), you can change everything, even the most basic details.

Another difference between Concepts is that all the concepts and art styles included in the app are inspired by famous artists who have worked at Disney, Philips, HP, Apple, PlayStation, Google, Unity, and Illumination Entertainment.

Many of the works, lines, experiences, colors, compositions, shapes, and ways of connecting creative tools are inspired by these design artists. As such, they bring visualization, minimalism, and high realism to each idea. What you had in mind now seems to have come true. This could only be the work of Concepts.

What are the detailed tools in Concepts?

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced in the field of art creation, you’ll be amazed by the richness, completeness, and flexibility of the toolset provided in Concepts.

For sketching teams, Concepts offers a vivid suite of pencils, pens and brushes with different tip sizes, pressure, tilt, stroke speed as well as direct smoothing capabilities. Of course, you have many options, and each one can be tweaked slightly to better suit your job.

Outside the canvas, you can choose from an unlimited set of prefabricated frames with different types of custom papers and meshes. Everything is centralized in the options wheel or for quick selection via the toolbar.

In terms of color and contours, Concepts offers an infinite layering system that automatically classifies color groups, line groups, and opacity groups. In terms of color, the series color wheels can also be grouped by color system, including HSL, RGB and COPIC. You can choose from millions of colors in the same system, or you can blend these systems together to create the depth of the overall image

Customize at any time, easy to export files

Any unfinished files in the Concept are automatically saved as subprojects in the application. You can group small projects into one large folder and vice versa. In any case, at any time, the user can pull any stored item to continue editing, adding, or copying.

After the project is complete, multiple image formats (JPG, PNG) or PDF and vector files can be exported to the mobile device itself or pre-connected cloud storage, depending on the purpose of use. When needed, users can also quickly share files via email, messages, or Google Drive for quick feedback from customers and friends.

Download Concepts MOD & APK for Android

Concepts is a useful tool with many practical features that can be used for a variety of purposes in life and work. All in all, for ease of recall, when you need to sketch, lay out, draw a layout, design a product, or draw an idea for something, just download Concepts for as much support as you can get, from basic to advanced.


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