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Radar and road camera detectors!

ContraCam acts as a GPS radar and route detector for mobile users. By installing this app, you will receive alerts of all types of speed cameras on the road and detect fixed radar or traffic police posts, or dangerous objects that pose a risk when traveling on the road in any mode of traffic. A ContraCam is a very useful tool when traveling long distances.

  • Risk when moving traffic on the road

When driving on the road, you can’t catch all the signs. Each zone has a certain maximum allowable speed, and if you exceed that limit, speed cameras or traffic police will immediately give you a hard time. There are many other risks, such as dangerous objects on the road, getting lost…

How to ensure maximum safety when driving over long distances and always receive warnings about the current driving speed and the appearance of obstacles? One of the tools drivers often use is ContraCam.

  • What is ContraCam?

ContraCam is a tool that turns your phone into a smart GPS navigation and navigation radar. When using this app, you will receive warnings about all obstacles on the road, such as speed cameras, fixed radar, traffic police posts, and objects that may pose a hazard and hinder your commute. Just download and add a few Settings, and your phone becomes a dedicated support tool for travel.

  • Portable radar detector

The first powerful feature of ContraCam is turning your phone into a handy radar detector you can carry around with you. The probe can update its maps for free without any registration. Simply launch the app and you’ll instantly get a detailed map of the location of speed cameras or road obstacles, as well as the user community’s favorite stops.

The map displayed on the screen is also 3D, which helps you visualize all the details on the road and easily identify the specific direction of the speed cameras, even when moving on the road. The location of obstacles or cameras is accumulated based on user reports from the ContraCam community, which are quickly reviewed and verified by experts. Arguably, what you see from the app is always the most accurate in real time.

ContraCam also automatically updates and downloads new updates, including changes to camera positions and obstacles. This means that with only one boot and network connection whenever possible, you will always have the most accurate and up-to-date information, even if mobile Internet quality is low.

The app also continuously provides detailed warnings about speed cameras on the road. These include reverse cameras, average speed cameras, fake cameras, and many other types of cameras that other radar detectors sometimes fail to detect. This outstanding capability can help users to always maintain the best alert, thus being able to capture and control risks while driving on the road.

The warning of the radar detector is also done by voice and sound, not just displayed on the screen. The application works even if you open other applications in parallel. Therefore, a ContraCam is an essential tool for your transportation.

  • View offline 2D and 3D maps directly on your mobile device

ContraCam also works as a mobile map, with 3D and 2D modes, that can be used offline, doesn’t require the Internet, and especially doesn’t take up much device memory. On the map, there are always landmarks that change the speed limit of vehicles. With ContraCam, you can control any kind of map from all the different angles and directions on the road.

The maps in ContraCam are available for all different countries/regions in the world. No matter where you go, the road is always in your hands.

On the maps provided by ContraCam, users can not only view, but also interact to track roads and mark desired locations. The app will rely on this to give you the best directions via voice and directions on a map. The map in use can be exported as a GPX, KML or CSV file for sharing with other users or printing out as needed.

Download ContraCam APK & MOD for Android

The goal is to use a ContraCam to better control speed, spot potential road hazards and steer in the right direction, rather than shirking the responsibility of a model citizen in traffic. Let’s install ContraCam on your device to benefit from the app’s power.


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