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COOKmate Pro is an application that helps to store all your favorite and special recipes in one place, just like a Cooking Diary, you can see them anytime, anywhere.

Introduce about COOKmate Pro

Diary of recipes for everyone!

  • Let’s create your own cookbook

You must have read through many famous cookbooks, but then finally realized, the most practical and useful is still the dishes that you have successfully prepared yourself at your home, the dishes your families made in the past.

But how to keep all these practical formulas, without the hassle of taking notes, without the cumbersome paperwork? Everything will be possible to solve through the COOKmate Pro app.

  • What is COOKmate Pro?

With over 18,000 installs currently, COOKmate Pro is rated as one of the most complete cooking support apps on mobile devices today. Here you can keep all your favorite recipes in one place in the most convenient and simple way. It can be retrieved and viewed as needed without any additional complexity.

With this recipe manager, you can store all the dishes of your family, grandparents and parents, bringing family traditions here, timeless storage space as well as space to always light up the kitchen.

COOKmate Pro works by building a database of unlimited private recipes. It can be a recipe collected from a website or it can be an actual recipe that you type yourself into for yourself, your family, or your friends.

Then, whenever you need to, you can open it, find, view, apply, and start making your own favorite dishes.

  • How to use COOKmate Pro?

With just a few taps, you can get started on your cooking journey with the COOKmate Pro. First, download and launch COOKmate Pro on your mobile device. Then, using the search tool provided in the app, enter keywords about the dish you’re looking for. You will get the corresponding recipe results from a trusted website. Filter here your favorite recipes that match your cooking style.

Continue typing this recipe in COOKmate Pro. You’ve now officially saved that recipe as a page in your COOKmate Pro cooking diary, which can be viewed across devices at any time via app sync.

If you have a recipe of your own, don’t be afraid to go to the import section of COOKmate Pro to start saving the details about the ingredients, methods, and corresponding cooking steps. It is then saved as a page in the application as a recipe from the web.

During the process of adding recipes from either of the above sources, you can add images corresponding to the dishes as well as detailed ingredients. If you are not satisfied and want to edit the formula, you can go back to the saved formula, click Edit and edit and add at any time, and even add comments.

COOKmate Pro is currently compatible with many popular recipe file formats used by famous cooking websites, such as Meal Master (.mmf), MasterCook (.mxp), LivingCookBook (.fdx), ReKconv (.rk). Arguably, most modern recipe formats don’t make COOKmate Pro difficult.

  • Share and learn recipes with friends

Cooking is fun, and happiness needs to be shared and replicated. COOKmate Pro has functional support that lets you do this easily and quickly.

By inviting your friends to download COOKmate Pro to use, you’ll be able to instantly share your favorite recipes with them while admiring your friends’ food photos and special recipes.

If you prefer not to share via an app, you can share recipes via Facebook, email, and SMS… COOKmate Pro supports these channels by default.

Not only can it be shared, you can create Settings so viewers and friends can view recipe files and download them into their COOKmate Pro app. All operations are done in a few seconds, which is very convenient.

  • Create a detailed set of small functions for the recipe process

The COOKmate Pro not only has width, but also depth. For each recipe, the application provides a special set of tools that give users the freedom to adjust, calculate and record each recipe in their own way.

For example, you can start from the original recipe and convert it to different proportions to meet the actual number of people. You can also customize different parts of the recipe to bring it to life, such as changing the theme, font size, color, category, illustration decoration, etc.

  • Offers all the convenience of using recipes on the app

Assisting before, during and after the recipe entry process is the main direction of COOKmate Pro. Once you have a complete recipe, you can sync it via Dropbox to view it on different devices. You can use the Read recipe feature to focus on cooking comfortably when you’re too busy. Or, while on the go, you can open recipes and view them directly on your Android Wear watch.

You can also use COOKmate Pro to create a weekly cooking schedule and design a shopping list corresponding to your dishes, or even design a whole week shopping list based on a list of favorite foods.

Download COOKmate Pro APK free for Android

COOKmate Pro is a small but useful app, for those of you who love to cook, and want to use your own way of cooking. Any recipes won’t be missed when stored in the COOKmate Pro app.


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