CPU X v3.7.2 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

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CPU X shows the most complete information about devices like speed, processor, cores, model, RAM, sensors, camera etc. See most detailed specifications of other Android smartphones.

You can discuss with technology enthusiasts all over the world to exchange ideas.

CPU X helps you see all the information about your mobile hardware. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the device you’re using to decide whether to upgrade or change it in the future.

Introduction to CPU X

View the hardware configuration of your phone to better understand the true functionality of your device!

Making mobile phones requires a large number of tiny and complex hardware and electronic components. Some specifications related to these parts are noted in the detailed product specification, but many of them are too technical to mention.

If you want to go deeper into mobile hardware to see compatibility, performance, and actual performance compared to other phones of the same type and other brands, you’ll need an app that shows all the detailed hardware specs, such as CPU X.

  • What hardware information does CPU X help you display?

When you install the CPU X app on your device, you can immediately see the basic specifications of the device, including processor, frequency doubling, speed, machine mode, RAM, camera, sensors…

You can find this information in other ways,but  it wastes your time because you have to look it up from many sources. With CPU X, you simply press the parametric function button to instantly get all the necessary data about the phone you’re using.

  • View detailed device performance

Not only does it help to see specifications, CPU X can also help you determine your device’s true performance.

View network speed monitoring: You can learn the exact download and upload speed of your device, as well as the speed of each network access. Therefore, you can make appropriate adjustments, such as reselecting your web browser and changing your Internet connection, to improve the network access performance.

Display Battery screen: This feature helps you see the charging current (milliamps) and battery temperature at each moment. You’ll know if the charger and battery are working properly, or if you need to consider using another battery because it generates too much heat.

You can simultaneously view a lot of information related to device functions, such as screen status, multi-touch, external speaker connection, microphone connection, vibration mode, wifi connection, Bluetooth, fingerprint access, volume button status, flashlight, flash, headphone jack, charging port… All the information helps you get an overview of the performance of each hardware feature.

  • Detailed support kit

CPU X solves many minor issues that arise during the use of mobile devices, such as providing protractors with different units of distance, providing a compass to help determine orientation using the magnetic sensors available in the device, and measuring the flatness of horizontal surfaces by: bubble level.

CPU X also supports translucent widgets on the screen to quickly display device status information. You can see these statuses regardless of the screen.

In addition, while using CPU X, you can also view tons of news and articles that update your phone and tablet with the latest information on hardware technology. The app also has a forum dedicated to device hardware topics. Here, you can communicate with people who love science as much as you do, and have the opportunity to listen to experts share. This is a rare opportunity to exchange interesting information about mobile hardware.

Download CPU X MOD & APK for Android

If you’re particularly interested in mobile hardware specifications and configurations, CPU X is the app you should try. An active forum of like-minded people also exists within the app.


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