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Cross DJ Pro is the ultimate music app for DJon phones and tablets. With best-in-class features, quality, and customization, the app caters to all your DJ music needs, from beginners to professional DJS.

  • What is Cross DJ Pro?

Developed by Mixvibes, a leading music software developer, Cross DJ Pro allows you to mix music from sources like Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, and other music services. The application provides you with a simple and intuitive interface to mix music sound effects. You can access your own personal music library and import playlists from online  services.

  • Dj-friendly interface

Cross DJ Pro’s interface is designed to be simple and easy to use, allowing you to easily focus on making music. The main interface of the app includes major items such as DJ, gallery, sample set, loops, and effects. Cross DJ Pro’s interface allows you to view and adjust music playback information like volume, MUTE, BPM, SOLO, PREVIEW. The library interface visually displays information such as song title, artist, duration, BPM, favorites, and cover image.

  • Large number of sound samples

The sound sampler is a feature of the Cross DJ Pro. The collection contains many sound effects used by professional DJS. Not only can you use the default sounds, but you can also use more unique and special sound effects. Audio samplers include frequency resolution, audio filters, compression, coordination, delay and other audio effects. These effects help you create sounds that are unique and appropriate for each type of song.

You can use Cross DJ Pro’s sound sampler to create your own unique tracks. Moreover, it offers the ability to customize sound effects according to your wishes, aiming to create the most unique and quality musical works.

In addition, the sound sampler in Cross DJ Pro not only supports basic sound effects, but also gives you a wide range of other effects such as Bitcrusher, parser, Mix, 1dB filter, wow, and fringe. These effects help you create music that suits various tastes and genres of music.

  • Modify the musical elements of the song

One of the standout features of Cross DJ Pro is the ability to edit song elements at will and create DJ effects. You can change a song’s DJ function using the app in several ways:

Adjust EQ: Cross DJ Pro app allows you to control the EQ of a song. You can adjust the bass, mids, and trebles to create the perfect mix for your piece.

Filters: The app also offers audio filters such as high-pass, low-pass, bandpass, and notch filters to adjust the sound of a track.

Beatgrid and Slicer: Cross DJ Pro’s Beatgrid and slicer features let you precisely cut and arrange songs, time them, and create new rhythms and sequences.

Loops: You can easily create loops using the app’s repeat feature. Cross DJ Pro offers multiple repetition options, so you can choose the length of the loop as well as the start and end times.

Reproduction: The application includes a variety of rendering tools. For example, you can use the app’s mixing pad to create the rhythms and melodies you want.

  • Social networking features

With the ability to connect to popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or SoundCloud, Cross DJ Pro will be an excellent tool for you to create high-quality posts on these platforms. Let your friends and families know about your ability to create and produce music.

  • Download Cross DJ Pro

In short, Cross DJ Pro is a modern professional DJ app that supports many of the features needed for the perfect DJ. Reasonable integration, diverse features, and friendly user interface are the significant advantages of this app. This was widely supported by users and experts.


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