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Smooth post-editing on all audio files!

When you need to cut, edit, mix or join or any other post-production for your music files, please use Cubasis 3 tool. For those who need audio editing, this can be seen as an effective hand to help you perform all tasks from simple to complex on audio file formats. Specifically, please see the details of the Cubasis 3 function in the introduction below.

About Cubasis 3

Do you need to edit audio files?

Can you live without music, without sound? It’s difficult, right? Without music, there is no life.

Music and sound are intoxicating and create a variety of emotions. You can not understand music, but you must not miss it, because it can bring you unexpected happiness, for us to relieve a lot of anxiety.

What do you need to do to fully handle audio files from simple to complex? It’s time to download a professional audio post-production tool.

The tool I’m going to talk about today is Cubasis 3, an app that’s been on my phone for as long as I’ve had two hobbies: singing and recording.

What is Cubasis 3?

In short, Cubasis 3 is an app that helps you edit, trim, merge, customize volume, and blend audio files together to create a satisfactory finished audio file. The app is used for many different situations, such as dubbing, adjusting video background music, combining slideshow music, mixing your own singing files, and more. There must be many situations where you need this application.

Creating music files has never been so easy and fun

Simply put, all you need to do is install Cubasis 3 on your device and you can instantly bring all your sound and music ideas to life. It is worth noting that the finished product produced with this software is not novice level, but professional level, in terms of sound quality, exquisite sound quality and rare fluency. Everything is achievable with quick, easy customization on your phone, tablet, or Chromebook.

Unlimited audio correction

It’s important to know that Cubasis 3 is a modern 32-bit floating point standard audio engine. With this advanced audio editing technology, you can edit an unlimited number of audio and MIDI files to pursue all your personal ideas.

If you’re still worried about the finished sound quality, you can rest assured that the Cubasis 3 follows the audio I/O resolution standard, up to 24-bit/48 kHz. That’s a pretty high bar for today’s audio files, and enough for you to output large external speakers.

For more nuanced sound correction, in addition to the two modern technologies mentioned above, Cubasis 3 has the ability to stretch audio files without altering the detail sound quality inside. Users are also free to change their pitch in real time to meet their different audio goals.

As a result, the ability to edit input and output audio in Cubasis 3 is always open, offering a lot of potential for later complex post-production stages.

Mix music and sound as you like

Cubasis 3 has a built-in giant mixer with virtual microspeech and 126 Settings designed from the ground up. The most prominent of these is the MiniSampler tool, which helps you create your own sounds. There are more than 20 advanced sound creation tools, just mix them together, you have a strange mix of sounds.

Next up is the MicroSonic mixer, which also has 120 virtual instrument sounds built in, ranging from popular to rare instruments such as piano, organ, drum, trumpet, flute, string instrument, pipa, violin, guitar… Clever mixing brings you exciting music and musical vision.

Cubasis 3 also boasts over 550 audio loops that help you handle all the fits and starts of your audio file and turn those repetition points into impressive highlights for listeners.

Blend all the sounds from these 2 mixers, along with a variety of studio-grade tones and 17 effects tools, and you’ll instantly get your music file, the beat of your audio file, as smooth and fluid as you’d like.

Efficient plug-in functionality

Cubasis 3 also features a unique set of plug-ins. The Master Strip suite contains unique sound effects that help you edit audio files quickly. Alternatively, the effects plug-in SpinFX can automatically mix and connect tracks and add clever transitions based on stitching effects, just like a professional DJ.

With these plugins, everything happens automatically, you just touch to select and wait for the finished product, without spending too much creativity on the available audio files.

What audio files are compatible with Cubasis 3?

As mentioned above, Cubasis 3 is also an impressive audio editor with its wide range of compatibility. First, with MIDI files, Cubasis 3 can customize sounds on any MIDI file, including all the above operations. The edited audio files can be exported to a number of different audio formats to suit entertainment platforms.

Cubasis 3 also supports Mackie Control (MCU), MIDI CC, MIDI Learn and HUI protocols.

When using Cubasis 3, you can use it on many different hardware and devices. Finished products are consistently stable with no variation in quality across devices. Cubasis 3’s output quality always gives you peace of mind.

Download Cubasis 3 APK free for Android

Using Cubasis 3, a multi-featured audio file editing and mixing app in one, with respectable compatibility, you will not regret having Cubasis 3 app in your device. From now on, no imperfect audio file can confuse you, because you can already create your own sound.


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