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Cut Paste Photos is an app that helps you change the background of any photo naturally, quickly, efficiently, and easily.

Change the photo background with one click!

  • Why should you look for apps dedicated to changing photo backgrounds?

You don’t always have to travel or carry the perfect photo background with you. Everyone’s home space is different, and sometimes you can’t remodel your boring corner or change the background all the time just to take a photo. Or your posture is great, but the background is naturally ugly. In these cases, you need an app that changes the background of the picture.

A number of photo editing apps have taken on this role, but most have drawbacks: unnatural cropping, not fully handling the mottled color patches of the original background, not giving a natural feel when cutting and assembling the theme, and not being able to soften the theme when pausing to a new background. Since we’re not in the business of cutting and changing background, it’s understandable that many applications have this feature but find it useless.

You should find an app dedicated to changing background photos, rather than trying these in vain. Just focus on that one thing and you’ll do it better and in more detail. Cut Paste Photos is one of the rare applications that specialize in powerful background removal and change today on mobile.

  • Easily change the wallpaper

Cut Paste Photos is specifically designed to cut and merge people, animals, and backgrounds into other photos to create new and fun collages.

Just like when you want to swap faces, using Cut Paste Photos simply cuts the face and pasts it onto another face.

Just like when you want to remove the image background and replace it with a more luxurious, beautiful background, simply crop the subject image and place it on the new background.

If you miss someone in a photo, use Cut Paste Photos to add people to your photos in a few short steps.

Similarly, Cut Paste Photos can be used to remove people from photos or remove any eye-catching objects from photos.

With Cut Paste Photos, you don’t need professional photo editing tools, and you don’t need to sit on a PC or laptop to do all of the above. Simply install Cut Paste Photos and you can use your own phone to do all of the above in a simple, gentle, and effective way.

  • Cut and Paste details in Photos

Cut Paste Photos currently has more than 100 photo editing features. With this kit, all your photo editing, selfies, wallpaper replacement needs can be done simply, comfortably, and aesthetically.

๐Ÿ’œ The first is the AI background eraser clipping tool. With this tool, you can crop a photo or extract any object from the photo background. The Automatic background eraser instantly erases the background and gives you the original theme photo that you can paste onto any other background.

๐Ÿ’œ The second main feature of Cut Paste Photos is to copy pictures using the manual cut and paste feature. You’ll use this tool to cut out exactly the part you want. It is particularly suitable for cutting, swapping, and changing small details that require high precision, such as changing the face or changing specific lines of the face.

๐Ÿ’œAdvanced photo editor features that help you edit cropped photos for more precise, sharp edges. It is recommended to use this tool to remove people or objects from photos.

๐Ÿ’œ The paste on photo feature will help you paste the cropped photo onto any wallpapers in your gallery. Add photos of the subject in famous locations or with celebrities.

๐Ÿ’œ Photo collages are also a powerful feature of the app. With the Collage tool, you can create collages by pasting a crop photo onto the app’s custom background or creating a freehand collage without a grid.

๐Ÿ’œ Color Pop: This color transformation tool will help you maintain rich color saturation while changing the rest to black and white to highlight the most important parts of your photo.

๐Ÿ’œ The photo clone feature will help paste multiple copies of a person into a photo to create a fun clone effect.

๐Ÿ’œ You can add text to the image, and you can choose to change the font, layout, alignment, font size, and text color.

  • Professional editing tools

Cut Paste Photos also features a variety of image editing tools from basic to advanced, including:

  1. Double Exposure: Create a double exposure with a natural scenery photo.
  2. Image Filters: Create a photo collage effect using photo filters (including 100 photo filters).
  3. Basic image editing tools include flipping, cropping, adjusting aspect ratios, shaping shapes through mirrors…

You can get your wallpaper source from anywhere, just save it and put it into the app on your device, then do the necessary.

  • Download Cut Paste Photos MOD & APK for Android

Cut Paste Photos is a useful tool that is highly specialized in the area of converting and changing image backgrounds. When you need to change the background, remember to use Cut Paste Photos to ensure the best naturalness of your photos.


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