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Having too many files with all content and formats will eventually make your phone messy and full of space,  making the process of finding and using files difficult. Are you bothered by the above problems?  Capacity is occupied, resulting in machine performance also affected. Cx File Explorer will help you manage all the content and data on your phone and keep everything organized.

Introduction to the Cx File Explorer

Manage files more efficiently with the dedicated tool Cx File Explorer!

  • What can Cx File Explorer do for you?

As a concise and efficient File management tool on mobile devices, Cx File Explorer will help you organize all the data on your computer in the right place and serve up the right content according to its own categories. From then on, it will be faster and easier to find, use, and process these files, resulting in a noticeable increase in productivity.

  • Clear and easy to understand interface

One of the most important factors for an app that specializes in organizing and managing files on mobile devices is that the interface must be neat and clear. This is also the first feature you can find on Cx File Explorer.

The app’s interface is designed in a material design style. Each function is presented in intuitive buttons. Select a function and you only need to do 1-2 operations to get started. There’s no need to spend too much time learning how to use the app, and all the features are displayed on the app home page in easy-to-understand names. With this minimalist design, almost anyone can use the Cx File Explorer from the very first time.

  • Manage all files on mobile devices, PCS, and cloud storage

Remember how easy it was for you to manage all your files on your PC? The same can now be done on mobile devices. With Cx File Explorer, you will be able to perform many intuitive actions to rearrange locations, manage information files on multiple devices such as mobile devices, tablets, PCS and even cloud storage.

In Cx File Explorer’s simple and intuitive interface, you can view, move, copy, rename, copy, compress, extract, create, delete, share, select folders, inspect multiple files at once, and more information about individual files with a single click. This can be done on the device’s internal and external memory, which have the same effect and speed.

Cx File Explorer also helps you access and manage files on your NAS (Network Attached Storage), that is, files in remote storage or from FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SMB, WebDAV, and LAN, doing all of the above. All files on and off the phone are cleaned, neatly organized, and placed in the right places. When you need it, you just need to go to the right place, pull it out and use it, no longer need to search everywhere as before.

This sophisticated management capability applies not only to files, but also to installed mobile apps. Everything can be managed with simple actions, which will provide you with greater autonomy when using the device.

  • Equipment capacity management

Cx File Explorer not only manages files, but also supports you to manage your device’s space well. The application generates in-memory analysis tables periodically or as required by the user from time to time. In this table, complete details about the amount of space available on the device and the percentage of space occupied by each file and application on the device in each block are included.

Based on the results of this analysis, you can quickly identify which files take up the most space on your computer and take the next appropriate solution.

Download Cx File Explorer APK for Android

Cx File Explorer is a mobile internal and external file management app with a minimalist design, focus, and clean features while also managing device capacity. The process of adapting to it is almost effortless. As of today, you’ll need to install this app on your device to avoid clutter when searching for and working with files on your device.


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