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Dawn allows you to experience the magical power of artificial intelligence again, creating multiple versions of yourself in a more artistic way. With this utility, you can have a series of amazing avatar images with just one simple operation.

Dawn is an app that uses AI technology and commands to create avatar images!

  • Dawn helps you create avatars with AI technology

The arrival of AI in apps as a mobile device can sometimes lead to unexpected results, especially when it comes to images and video. You’ve seen AI-based face matching, scene compositing, animation, and video editing apps that are so crisp that you don’t even know if they’re real photos or edited products.

If you’re still skeptical about A.I. ‘s ability to “manipulate” images, then you should try adding a new A.I. image app called Dawn.

Dawn helps you create a series of quality avatars using a single raw image. By uploading a monotonous and simple image from your device to Dawn, you can quickly transform it into a perfect, beautiful, artistic new version that is more unique than the original version.

Because Dawn can not only help you take better photos with natural artistic effects, but also create many unique and interesting images with unique textures and tips. The new avatar can be you, or it can be a fun character, the product of Dawn’s artificial intelligence.

  • Simple operation and easy to use

Just click a button, execute another command, and wait a few seconds for everything to be done.

This is a huge surprise for you and your friends on TikTok, Instagram, Telegram, Roblox, Snapchat, Clubhouse, Whatsapp and other social networks.

  • Colorful avatar world

Want some freshness? Do you want to have a new, more attractive look? Want to take a picture with your idol? Want to dress up as an astronaut? You don’t need to search far, you don’t need to be a Photoshop expert, you just need to know how to use Dawn on your smartphone.

The magic of Dawn is that you can do all of the above in a fraction of the time, with the ultimate simplicity of a single text command line.

For example, you want to be an astronaut. Upload the image from your device to Dawn and enter the text “@me as an astronaut”. If you want to change your hair color, type “Blue Haired @me” into the app’s command box. Or if you want to take a photo with Santa, just “@me taking selfie photo with Santa.” Then touch the Enter button and wait a few seconds.

Dawn’s ability to turn text requests into AI images will open up a colorful world for you. Let your imagination run wild and come up with one-of-a-kind unique commands so you can start entering the unique avatar forest with just one original image.

  • What can you do?

  1. With the ability to create an avatar via command, Dawn will give you a myriad of fun avatar creation options.
  2. Those who like filters can try out a range of available filters, or name your favorite with a small command.
  3. People who love humor can make a dozen photos of themselves or with friends.
  4. If you like to be different, you can also try to see how you look in a different gender, or you will look like a famous star. Even if you want to, you can transform into a great man, a superhero, or a fictional character from a famous novel.
  5. By creating an avatar this way with this text command, you can completely transform your face into a multitude of different aesthetic styles. From realism, oil painting, movie lighting, to surrealism, abstract animation, or impressionism, it doesn’t matter.

Download Dawn APK for Android

With a simple operation to quickly create a variety of different styles and variations of avatars, Dawn brings you a whole new world. Once created, you can quickly share it on the social network you’re using.


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