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Diaro will be an app that can help you make the most of all your emotions. If you often have the habit of keeping a journal in order to save memories or just how you feel during the day, then this will be the right application. The app will be a perfect support tool for users to keep a digital diary on their mobile devices.

Track your mood and weather for the day

The app has its own main function, which is to record your mood throughout the day through a diary. This will be a place where you can express your feelings, thoughts and feelings on a daily basis based on a certain issue. One statistic shows that the mood of many people during the day is significantly affected by the weather that day. Because of this, Diaro has also added the ability for users to record the weather and mood.

The ability to search log rows is very good

In addition, the main purpose of writing a diary is to be able to express your feelings to yourself during the day; It also has a storage purpose. The journal you write down today will have important meaning so that you can re-read and reflect on yourself in the near future. Or you can simply search for events that you have experienced in the past. To do this best, the application adds a search function for you as well as very useful filters.


Backup and restore lost logs

Since many users have their own concerns about logging in, the application will lose its status line. When users express their daily thoughts and record them, this is what no user wants to see. To ensure users don’t lose logs, the app also adds the ability to back up and restore lost logs.

Safety function first

As for diaries, one of the things anyone doesn’t want to encounter is to be secretly read. To best limit others from reading your daily logs, security features have always been a top concern for apps. In the Settings section of the app, you can set your own private password using a password, PIN code, or fingerprint lock. This makes it very safe for only you to access the application and read your own logs.

Simple data export and import

In addition, the app has always been very focused on what other users experience while using Diaro, so data export and import capabilities have been added. As a result, you will be able to export your diary entries as PDF, Docx, or Txt, and print or share them very conveniently via Diaro Android or Diaro online. You can do the exact opposite when importing data from other journaling apps like Journey, Evernote, Google Keep, Momento, and more.


Interesting statistics

Have you ever thought that the diary you write down every day contains extremely interesting information? To see this, Diaro has added a very new feature to his system that can analyze and count data related to logs. This enables you to obtain special statistical tables containing interesting numbers related to the diary passages you wrote down based on your ideas.

Multiple interfaces and languages

In order to be able to provide your users with the best overview of the application for daily use, the interface will play an extremely important role. Because of this, the app adds a lot of different color themes to your interface to change your daily mood. Apart from that, you can totally choose for yourself the many different languages in the world that suit your language.

Key Features

  • The app allows users to record all their thoughts and feelings through a journal.
  • Application security is always a concern and a top priority to protect your diary from being read secretly.
  • The app will copy and back up your logs so you can restore them if they are lost.
  • The search function is always useful so that users can easily read back past logs.
  • The user interface is designed to be universal and optimized, with many different color themes depending on the mood.


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