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Dictionary is an essential tool for language learners. Dictionaries play an important role in reading, listening, speaking and writing. When we come across a new word, we can consult the dictionary to know its pronunciation, definition, example sentences and so on, which will help us to better understand and use the word.

Dictionary.com Premium is both a dictionary app and an effective English learning tool, with many fun word games at multiple levels, from easy to difficult. Download Dictionary.com Premium at lovelystationery.com and it will greatly support your English learning process.

About Dictionary.com Premium

An English dictionary combines fun word games on your phone!

  • Need a mobile dictionary? 

In the process of learning English, you definitely need a dictionary that is complete, accurate and well updated. But carrying a dictionary around is not always a good idea. They are quite cumbersome and sometimes the vocabulary is not enough, because a famous dictionary book is usually very old. If you need more advanced functions like finding antonyms, synonyms, or example sentences, no dictionary will suffice.

Instead, you should try a mobile app that acts as a walking dictionary, with many key lookup features and plenty of extras. Dictionary.com Premium is currently the app that fully supports these features. This will be a useful English learning support tool for you.

  • What’s in Dictionary.com Premium, the online mobile dictionary?

Dictionary.com Premium currently boasts over 2 million reliable definitions and synonyms. You can look up almost every word, compound word, short paragraph directly from this app on your phone. With just a copy and paste operation, you’ll instantly know the meaning of the text you’re looking at. As a result, the process of reading, learning and remembering English words will become easier.

  • Encyclopedia dictionary function

The main feature is the dictionary, Dictionary.com Premium provides semantic systems, synonyms, pronunciation, grammar help, example sentences. Just type in a word and all this information is displayed on the app’s home screen.

  • Voice search function

And if you don’t want to type a word, you can look it up by voice. You simply speak out loud into the app and get an immediate answer.

All new word searches you make with Dictionary.com Premium are archived. When you need to, you can review and systematize the interesting new words you’ve read.

Dictionary.com Premium has a myriad of English topics. You can look up almost all current English words because Dictionary.com Premium is an encyclopedia that covers popular topics. Such as idioms, phrases, rhymes, example sentences, medical dictionaries, economic, political, artistic words.

  • Grammar and vocabulary tests

In addition to being a miniature dictionary, Dictionary.com Premium also includes a massive system of word puzzles, language puzzles, spelling, and word puzzles for all levels of English learners. Challenging yourself with these tests in order from simple to complex will help you improve your English vocabulary in the fastest time and achieve the best memory results.

Specifically, word puzzles in Dictionary.com Premium typically require you to solve Sudoku crosswords and look up anagrams. While playing, you’ll flip through the puzzle, arrange the letters to find meaningful words and fill in the empty boxes. The main purpose of this game is to help you remember new words and how to write them letter by letter.

The Daily Word Quiz Group will help you learn new vocabulary every day, selecting any word and showing all relevant details such as synonyms, antonyms, similar words, how to put them in a sentence, in what situations, how to pronounce or write them with any prepositions…

Download Dictionary.com Premium APK free for Android

Dictionary.com Premium is an app with almost unlimited offline use. Install Dictionary.com Premium on your device, and you’ll be able to look up all English words anytime, anywhere, and practice new words with engaging and beautifully designed puzzles in the app.


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