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Digital Compass will turn your smartphone into a portable digital compass to help you navigate accurately in any situation.

Introduction to Digital Compass

Mobile digital compass, convenient for people to travel!

  • Why carry a Compass with you?

If you can integrate many things into your mobile phone with you everywhere, what could be more convenient? Less trouble, less memory. To go anywhere, just a mobile phone is enough. If you share the same sentiment and are someone who loves to travel, one of the essential things to have on your phone is a tool to turn your phone into a compass.

A compass is a tool used to determine the direction of space. Whether you’re at sea, in the forest, or in the desert, a hand-held compass can help you find your way more accurately by confidently orienting yourself.

Compasses work on magnetic fields to determine the direction of the Earth, east, west, north, south. Though simple, the ability of the compass to guide and set direction is beyond dispute. For those who like to travel, explore, take risks and regularly set foot in new lands, a compass is an essential item to carry with you at all times to reduce the risk of getting lost in many situations.

Although compact and usually only able to be held in the palm of your hand, for people who move a lot, each item they carry seems extra bulky. Conversely, if you integrate Compass into your phone, you’ll save a lot of backpack space and volume. So there’s always a need to install a compass app to prepare for the trip.

  • What is Digital Compass?

Digital Compass is a compass app that combines accurate, intelligent mobile GPS directions. So, with this app alone, your device can be used 2 times at once.

The first is a Digital Compass, able to determine the exact direction of outdoor activities. Simply turn on Digital Compass and your phone instantly turns into a compass, allowing you to find the directions you need without having to worry about getting lost.

The second is to turn your phone into an effective GPS navigation map. Your location is shown in detail as longitude, latitude, address, elevation, and many other indications. From here you can further mark the location you want to go on the map, and the digital compass will automatically give specific directions and guide you to the shortest and most efficient route.

With both effects, Digital Compass is a compact app for everyone’s mobile device who travels a lot.

  • A flexible compass

The app’s built-in compass works according to different principles: gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers, and even gravity. At the same time, so many flexible action mechanisms enable you to always find the right direction for you in every situation and in many different Spaces.

The Compass in the Digital Compass is not only used to determine directions, but also has several other functions in real life. Like when you need to adjust the TV antenna, find directions for prayer, look for constellations or consider feng shui elements, or just delve into the compass while studying. Note that to use the compass feature of the digital compass, your device must already have an accelerometer and magnetometer sensor in its hardware. When using the Digital Compass, remember to stay away from magnetic interference sources such as batteries and magnets.

  • Turn your phone into a smart GPS map

In addition to the mobile Compass feature, Digital Compass turns your phone into a smart GPS map for a variety of situations and uses.

Where you stand, Digital Compass’s GPS map can display all the details, including current location (longitude, latitude, address), altitude, and EMF field strength. The exact current status and slope are also clearly displayed, helping you know exactly where you are, or can easily provide directions to someone looking for your location.

When you need to go to a place, you can also view it directly on the GPS map of the app. Touch the destination, and Digital Compass will automatically give you specific directions on the way, helping you find the fastest and safest route.

Download Digital Compass MOD APK for Android

The Digital Compass is an essential tool for people who travel frequently, explore, engage in outdoor activities, or need to navigate their work. With this GPS map and compass app, you never have to worry about getting lost again.


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