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If you want to manage your car and understand the necessary instructions while driving, Drivevo is great for those tasks. All important information will be displayed on the phone screen, thus helping you to be more active during your daily driving journey.

Introduction to Drivevo

Car management app for busy people!

  • Manage vehicles for the company

When you drive every day, you will inevitably encounter some problems. Running out of gas, not knowing in advance when the maintenance schedule will come, the expenses incurred this month, and how to take a reasonable route. For anyone who has used a car, all of the above little details can become extremely inconvenient if not handled well, and sometimes frustrating because of a lot of unexpected situations.

  • Detailed Functions

Drivevo is an app capable of handling all vehicle management tasks for individuals and organizations. Let’s take a look at the features of this application in more detail.

With the ability to control fuel, Drivevo can check the route and income list of every vehicle in the company. In other words, Drivevo is a tool that helps you manage the finances of a group of vehicles, regardless of vehicle type. It can be used in motorcycles, buses, cars or trucks, and even in very large numbers of vehicles, such as 99, Uber, Cabify and delivery services.

Collecting all the necessary information and establishing a common management model that is fair to all vehicles in the fleet makes it easy to calculate individual fuel consumption and systematize various types of reporting to develop better fuel economy or revenue management policies.

With Drivevo, fleet managers have full access to all vehicle and individual driver information. So you know who is where, what the next destination is, how much gas has been poured, and how much hard charge has been used during the day. All this information is very useful for managers.

No matter where you are, Drivevo ensures that any information you enter, store, or display is safe. The developers themselves do not keep usage records and absolutely do not share users’ personal information with third parties.

  • Personal car savings

Drivevo helps you track your specific daily spending on fuels like gasoline and oil. More than that, costs incurred during operation are also saved in the form of visual reporting systems, but registration fees, station fees, fines or money incurred along the way due to faulty vehicle parts.

Every month or week, Drivevo automatically sends an expense report summarizing the consumption and all expenses incurred. The report will help you better manage your spending through better driving. We also keep reminding you when recurring charges are due. So from now on, don’t forget the maintenance schedule, the number of fines, or the monthly car installment.

  • Monitor vehicle fuel status

When using a vehicle, it’s important to keep track of refuelling in the right place at the right time, not to be passive, park in the middle of the road, or spend unreasonably.

Drivevo is able to provide all the information related to gasoline energy: the current gasoline level, the number of kilometers driven, the number of kilometers left, the average cost per kilometer, and the amount of fuel calculated per refueling. In particular, the app also integrates a map of gas stations around the world, so you can know which ones are nearby so you can make a refueling plan if you need to.

  • Follow the route carefully

When you install Drivevo into the device, you control the vehicle’s driving route. The list shows the destination visited in a certain period of time, how long it has been saved… For later points to go to, you can also schedule presets in the app, and then the app will automatically link to the vehicle’s voice and navigation map to provide the necessary instructions to the driver.

You hardly need to do a lot of manual searches every day to complete a destination schedule, it’s all managed by Drivevo for you.

  • Control all services

With Drivevo, users can view and record all the costs and services performed, and set a separate frequency for each job. For example, maintain every 4 months, change the oil once a month, and check the brakes, tires, filters, or interior once a year.

Depending on the frequency and tasks you set, Drivevo will provide you with notifications, alerts, and reminders to remember what to do without forgetting anything on your schedule.

Download Drivevo APK & MOD for Android

Drivevo is a versatile app that helps you manage every aspect of your vehicle. Let’s download and use this amazing app right now!


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