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DuckStation, sounds like a game, but in fact this is one of the old console emulators that emulates Sony PlayStation (TM)/PSX/PS1 consoles. This machine is now out of production (to make room for PS5), so if you want to play old classic exclusive games right on your mobile device, you can use DuckStation to play.

PSX/PS1 console emulator with excellent speed and performance!

About DuckStation

How to play PSX/PS1 games?

There is a huge demand for replaying exclusive games on older systems that have stopped producing PSX/PS1. But if you don’t have those models, and the game isn’t compatible or hasn’t been remastered for today’s modern machines, it’ll be hard to find and play again.

There’s an easy, quick way to instantly turn your phone into a miniature PSX/PS1 console, and that’s to find a console emulator that fits your phone.

DuckStation is one of the rare apps that does this for Android mobile devices.

What’s so special about DuckStation?

To begin with, DuckStation focuses on emulation of the operations of older generation consoles Sony PlayStation(TM)/PSX/PS1. While these first machines are no longer in production, they also boast a fairly rich game store that includes some titles that are hard to ignore if you like. Sometimes you’ll want to play these games again. By downloading and opening the app, you will turn your mobile device into a true gaming console, fluently handling the typical games of these models.

Second, the biggest difference between DuckStation and some of its peers is that it can play smoothly and maintain a steady speed throughout the game. The game displays accurately, maintains the performance, and keeps the game smooth and comfortable.

Three caveats before using DuckStation

1. You will need a ROM BIOS to launch this application and start playing the game. ROM can be obtained from Caetla and several other ways, usually exported as scphNNNN.bin or ps-NNN.bin.

2. The DuckStation app itself does not contain games. You can only use DuckStation to play games specifically purchased from legitimate third parties.

3. This application supports multiple game format images such as cue, iso, img, ecm, mds, chd, and unencrypted PBP. Therefore, if you have games in other formats on hand, you will have to convert to the existing format.

The ability to render high quality images

Making sure every image and action is the best for the user is the primary criterion for DuckStation. The application uses OpenGL, Vulkan to render the software.

DuckStation currently supports an average rendering rate of 60 fps for PAL games. DuckStation also automatically upgrades and filters textures during game rendering to provide true 24-bit color for hardware rendering.

However, DuckStation does not support rendering games to widescreen. This is actually possible, but it takes a fairly short time.

In addition to the above rendering methods, DuckStation also supports accurate rendering of cubes, allowing you to customize textures and automatically re-simulate the depth of the game, ensuring that combat always feels realistic and vivid.

Each game has a variety of customization Settings

If you’re not happy with DuckStation’s current textures once you drop the game into the app and start enjoying it, you can fully customize the odd elements to your liking, including remapping the controller Settings for each specific game.

Games played through DuckStation support up to eight controllers. If you have an existing controller, you can also connect the controller to the keyboard and still guarantee the main functions of the controller, especially vibration.

Memory and database management

For those who prefer deep customization, DuckStation offers special tools to edit memory cards, such as moving to another folder, importing gme/mcr/mc/mcd… Not only that, but you can also dive into how you build your game patch code database.

Additionally, DuckStation offers status saving features with preview screenshots, boosting Tubro’s speed so that games can run even on mid-range devices. If you want, you can also simulate CPU overclocking to boost the game’s FPS to the level you want.

DuckStation currently supports 32-bit / 64-bit ARM and 64-bit x86 devices. Hardware requirements must be mid-range to high-end. Of course, the speed of movement, as well as the quality of the game graphics and the smoothness of the experience, will vary with the quality of the hardware. 32-bit ARM smartphones don’t perform as well as 64-bit. As per the developers’ recommendations, user devices need at least 1.5GHz cpUs to play the game optimally.

Download DuckStation APK for Android

DuckStation is a SONY PlayStation(TM)/PSX/PS1 console emulator with a plethora of powerful rendering features. If you want to play games on this system, you’ll need DuckStation support.


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