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Earth 3D MOD APK is a must-have app for those who need to understand the geography of the world or for geography enthusiasts who want to delve deeper and see each region of the planet more clearly.

Enjoy observing the Earth with the moon and sun against the backdrop of the Milky Way galaxy.

  • Everyone needs Earth 3D

Paper maps, online computer maps, and even large globes purchased at home still can’t meet all your needs. Only when there is an app that brings all the advantages of these types together will learning geography hopefully become less laborious, accurate, complete, and intuitive. An app that integrates all of the above, such as Earth 3D, is useful if you want to learn, learn depth, breadth, or just basic geography.

Earth 3D is a miniature 3D globe in the palm of your hand. There you can see many different aspects of the Earth.

  • Easy to use

For almost any information about the geography of the world map, you can first find out where the 3D Earth is. 2D, 3D maps, cities, populations, capitals, flags, latitude coordinates, positioning images, country markers, detailed scaling of borders between one country and another… All the information about the world map and the Earth exists in the same 3D application.

When viewing and using Earth 3D, you can make use of the zoom in and out buttons and capture the screen to capture the necessary information. Using Earth 3D is very simple. You simply enter some initial search requirements as needed, and then just touch to select, zoom in, and zoom out to get the information you need.

Once found, you can save it as an image or screenshot, or share it on social networks. These operations are also simple and can be done quickly.

  • Miniature 3D globe

Instead of carrying around a bulky globe (which is still not enough information), Earth 3D will act as a free globe that can zoom in and out to your liking. It will display:

  1. The boundaries of countries
  2. Mark countries
  3. View country information
  4. The Earth grid

With just a few touches, you can get the information you need. To find a specific country/region, you’ll also need to enter the country/region name and your app’s search box, and from there select the type of information to display.

The country borders and Earth grid will help you understand where your country of interest is located, which neighbors are nearby, coordinates, and latitude. The ability to view country information brings more detailed information, such as the country’s full name, capital, area, population, flag…

  • World map

In addition to simulating a globe, Earth 3D is capable of displaying the following details in full 3D:

  1. 3D Globe
  2. Boundaries of countries
  3. Mark countries
  4. Country information

With this information, you can understand the geographical information of a country/region in as much detail as possible: borders and country/region markers. Even if you want, you can zoom in to see every province and city in every country.

Simple graphics, monochrome backgrounds, clear fonts, minimalist but meticulous color scheme, information is always up to date. Earth 3D is a reliable app for people who like to learn geography.

  • How to install Earth 3D?

  1. Download the Earth 3D data file
  2. Unzip the files “. Com. A3planesoft”
  3. Copy the folder “com.a3planesoft.earth101” to “Android/data”
  4. Install the APK file

Download Earth 3D MOD & APK for Android

If you are someone who is passionate about geography and wants to learn and remember a lot of information about countries/regions on Earth, Earth 3D is a great app for you.


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