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Earthquake brings great harm, it can cause casualties, property losses and environmental damage. So earthquake prediction is very important

EarthQuake PRO will provide instant alerts about strange movements in earthquakes and geological activity minutes before unexpected events occur. If you live in an earthquake-prone area, the first thing to do when using your phone is to install EarthQuake PRO.

About  EarthQuake PRO

The leading earthquake early warning app on mobile devices!

  • Why do you need an earthquake alarm application?

Massive earthquakes in Nepal, Japan, Indonesia and elsewhere have claimed countless lives. The rest were wounded and in grief and loss. Earthquakes have also destroyed countless houses, buildings, infrastructure, and even important parts of civilization in these countries. The human, material and spiritual losses caused by large and small earthquakes are innumerable.

A widespread earthquake from this place can hardly avoid its consequences. However, to minimize casualties and take emergency protective measures, many developers have taken advantage of the popularity of mobile platforms to create earthquake notification apps on the phones you use daily.

Most of these applications are designed based on motion measurement algorithms (in different ways depending on the design of the application). This detects anomalies in geological activity and provides users with immediate warnings.

There’s one thing we need to understand fully about these earthquake early warning apps. They are no substitute for carefully constructed human facilities for monitoring and informing earthquakes on the ground. However, with convenience and always being by the user’s side, the app can issue warnings quickly and help people quickly access the source of warnings without waiting for media coverage. By the quick response of everyone in the community, life after an earthquake will at least be better protected.

  • Turn your phone into a mobile earthquake scanner

When installed and up and running, EarthQuake PRO instantly turns your everyday phone into a high-precision earthquake detector that you can carry with you every day.

EarthQuake PRO is capable of not only tracking geological fluctuations through vibration sensors, but also collecting all seismic information from national and international data agencies. Through this application, you can find all the necessary information about past earthquakes or current earthquake situations around the world.

  • Detailed interactive map

For an overview of earthquakes all over the world, you can go to the maps section of EarthQuake PRO. The map has many different views: global patterns, individual countries, regions, lands, detailed maps with sufficient seismic parameters, or visually labeled maps just to see the overall situation.

The maps provided in EarthQuake PRO are mostly interactive, allowing you to zoom in and out freely, clicking on different areas to see detailed information. Almost any interaction is possible on these maps.

  • View global earthquake information

In addition to intuitive maps with different views, EarthQuake PRO provides a complete list of earthquake information from around the world. You can almost always find all the facts, parameters, keywords, and dates about earthquakes in different regions. Your search list will be stored so that the next time you search or display it, EarthQuake PRO can better personalize and update the information.

  • No more earthquakes to worry about

With the built-in seismometer enabled, you can turn your phone into a seismometer that will follow you wherever you go. With pre-designed intelligent algorithms with built-in seismometers, you will always receive critical alerts minutes, tens of kilometers before a real seismic event occurs.

This gives you more time to find your defensive position or a suitable hiding place to wait for the earthquake to occur. To take full advantage of these warnings, users also need to be equipped with basic to advanced knowledge of earthquake defense. Combine with EarthQuake PRO’s minutes of warnings to make the right decisions in every situation and time.

Download EarthQuake PRO APK free for Android

EarthQuake PRO makes life easier in earthquake-prone areas. While it won’t avoid consequences or help you come up with a thoughtful solution to the situation, just a minute’s warning in an earthquake situation can give you a better chance of survival.


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