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Easy Notes is a fast, free, and convenient note-taking app for Android mobile users. From now on, if you want to take notes, you don’t need to bring a notebook and pen. Simply installing Easy Notes on the device is enough.

  • Take notes on your phone anytime, anywhere

Many situations will force you to take notes if you don’t want to forget immediately: a memorable sequence of numbers, an idea that pops into your head, an address, or any other interesting statement you want to keep…

Normally, if you want to take notes, the traditional way is to pull out a pen and take out a notebook to take notes. To be more modern, open up the available notes on your phone to take notes. The traditional way is too inconvenient, and there is not always pen and paper to write on. The more modern way is fine, but if you have thousands of different little notes, manage, search, or group them or add pictures, add clips…… It’s almost impossible, because basic notes in smartphones don’t support these features.

It’s time to change your note-taking habits with an advanced and convenient tool like Easy Notes.

Easy Notes is a note-taking and memo app dedicated to Android mobile devices. With this tool, you can record everything from work, personal life to everyday life in the most convenient, colorful, and easy to operate way.

  • Easy to take notes in any situation

The first prominent feature of Easy Notes is the ability for users to take notes regardless of time and space. Just like a digital notebook, you can pull out your phone and quickly jot down everything you need to remember. With Easy Notes, you can quickly jot down notes in text and images instantly, and freely arrange them with the most memorable logic for easy retrieval later.

The entered comments can be displayed as a list or grid on the mobile screen. Drag and drop to pin important comments to the top. There are plenty of other cool features that no phone’s default notepad can do.

Easy Notes allows users to take notes through text, images, and voice. You can even attach relevant files to remind you when you’re working. You can also use the smart Pen to draw directly in the app to take quick notes. Thanks to this powerful organizing power, Easy Notes can also be used to organize tasks and create a shopping list or to-do list for the day.

  • Easily search, group, and sort

In this free note-taking app, you are free to arrange your notes in the order you want: creation time, subject, modification time, importance… For each opening, you can do it quickly when you need to find notes.

Easy Notes also supports sorting notes by color and category. This way, you can group notes in the same group into a common folder, similar to grouping multiple files into the same folder.

For urgent or important notes, they can be pinned to the top so that they can be seen at all times. This is also a common feature of this application.

  • Privacy and Security

In the process of taking notes, your notes are always saved automatically, and you don’t have to worry about losing information even if you suddenly get stuck or have something else to do. If you want to stay more secure, Easy Notes offers backup capabilities in cloud storage to keep your notes private. If you don’t want others on your device to see the note information, you can set a separate password to lock each note or the entire app.

  • To-do notes and time reminders

With task type annotations related to time, deadline, start, and end, Easy Notes will provide calendar annotations to make it easier to manage your work. When a task is due, the system sends a notification to the user, ensuring that you don’t miss work without having to use another app to schedule it.

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Easy Notes is a very useful quick note-taking app, especially for those who are too busy or who have new ideas and need to make sure to keep them as much as possible for later use.
It’s time to change your note-taking habits with an advanced and convenient tool like Easy Notes.


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