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Easy Pose is a human pose app on your phone that specifically supports drawing and learning to design general comic characters. With multiple ways to personalize a typical character model, you’ll soon find a way to create multiple different poses that make your painted characters much richer.

Creating 3D poses for drawing manga characters!

  • What is Easy Pose?

Easy Pose is an application that helps you to create a variety of different human movement poses on a 3D platform. For people who are learning to paint or who have already painted specialized figures, it is always elegant to imagine unique poses that create fluid, natural poses for your character in any situation. But reaching that level won’t be easy. It takes a lot of factors, one of which is that you have to create personalized 3D models that look exactly like the character you’re drawing. This model is then used to simulate the desired movements and poses and to redraw the most accurate, reasonable, and logical pose.

The difficulty is that not everyone can create these 3D models for work purposes. Easy Pose was born for this purpose. With Easy Pose, you can create a number of different poses yourself, looking at each pose from different angles to produce as accurate a drawing as possible.

  • Flexible virtual models

Bring your drawn character into the app, and Easy Pose instantly creates separate 3D models of that character, matching them from appearance to detail.

From here, you can begin the initialization journey, controlling the joints of each body part of each character to create a smooth pose for your character. The movements of these joints are very sensitive and meticulous. All parts of the body can be moved, and key joints can be viewed 360 degrees, creating various states of coordination. You will have full control over each dynamic joint in the 3D virtual model to find the correct pose that matches the character’s intention.

  • Standard model comic style

Most of the models feature realistic head proportions compared to previously available posing apps, which facilitates realistic painting. But it is hardly suitable for drawing comics, which always encourage stylized, exaggerated, melodious, changeable spiritual sublimation.

Easy Pose sets itself apart by offering a wide range of customization Settings and a large number of body types for you to combine with your character’s head. Through the collection, users also have the opportunity to try out many different shapes to see what suits their personality.

  • Multiple model control

Use Easy Pose to control up to six characters at once when posing for them via virtual 3D modeling. As a result, the ability to multitask and improve drawing performance is significantly enhanced compared to traditional methods.

  • Depth and character expression

If you’re wondering if Easy Pose is just about helping create poses, the answer is no.

Easy Pose Creates poses that deeply match the correct expression of the character. With the sensitive light source of the backlight, you can observe your character in a number of different poses and angles.

It’s also the process of getting to know more about the character you’re creating. What is the correct facial expression for this pose,and how should the technique be emitted? All of these questions come from the Pose depth created by Easy Pose.

Easy Pose also provides a wired mode for drawing layouts on the model, or you can download a model PNG file without a transparent background. During use, the application is automatically saved to ensure that errors occur during work.

  • Download Easy Pose MOD & APK for Android

Easy Pose is the app that everyone who wants to draw should have installed on their device. Test, create, and flexibly change various poses to bring the character to life, and you’ll do it with the help of Easy Pose.


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