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With EasyCut, convert your videos directly on your phone the way you want!
EasyCut helps you edit videos directly on your phone and convert short videos in many different ways with a few simple steps.

  • What’s so special about editing videos on EasyCut?


  1. Editing video used to require a powerful, application-rich computer. Now, mobile devices can help you do that, too. Of course, this happens in videos that are not too long or complex, mainly for the need to preserve memories or share on social networks.
  2. You can find EasyCut whenever you need a convenient on-the-fly video editing app.
  3. As the name suggests, EasyCut is an easy-to-use video (and image) editing app that uses the powerful art of frame collage. With EasyCut, you can edit, merge, add effects and colors to any of your vlogs, videos, or images. Even small clips on mobile devices can be creative inspiration.
  4. Unlike many other video editing apps, EasyCut is easy to use and all operations are intuitive and vivid.  Everything you need is right in front of you without delving into it.
  5. The typical difference of EasyCut in the eyes of many who love the art of quick video editing is that it has everything available. Music, effects, subtitles, filters, stickers, transitions and many other built-in features are all available. You don’t need to do anything manually. The only thing you need is your creativity to create beautiful works with these tools.
  • Edit videos using a set of basic tools


At the most basic level, you need to cut, select, and split the video to the desired length. For these simple needs, EasyCut app provides a series of basic editing tools that every video editing application has, such as frame alignment, audio alignment with just drag and drop on the screen. The goal is to make it easy for both new beginners and professional video editors to use.

But if that’s all there is to it, then EasyCut isn’t necessarily the best solution for you. In addition to the basic movie editing toolset, the app has a number of valuable advanced features.

  • A collection of today’s most popular video filters and effects

EasyCut collects all the most popular filters and is loved by many Instagram users. From there, it provides users with a plethora of effects and video filters. With the right selection from the effects, filters are always available (and constantly added) in EasyCut, making the video instantly as stylish as any celebrity.

  • More music, more life

A rich music library is always at your fingertips when you add music to a video with EasyCut. EasyCut has a huge built-in music library, making it extremely easy for you to add music or voiceover to your videos. You don’t have to travel far to find music, worry about piracy or worry about unreliable quality. Now with EasyCut, you’ve completely solved your video’s music and sound issues.

  • Adjust the color of each video

EasyCut also has strong advantages in the ability to enhance and adjust video colors. And with just a few touches, you can correct the entire tone, or adjust the tone of specific frames in your video, and customize exposure, saturation, and contrast. All of these initiatives have the common goal of making the video vivid, fresh, and more engaging than the original video.

  • Subtly and naturally change the background video

Just like with images, sometimes you’ll need to create another background for your video. EasyCut will help you in the most professional yet simple way. EasyCut can create contours, trim subjects, modify aspect ratios in seconds, and has a variety of backgrounds available in the application library. You can still use any other external image as the background for the video frame if you want. In an instant, the video has literally changed its look.

  • Create a title to add captions and graphics to your video

EasyCut can also help you add various animated graphics to your videos, create titles and captions for your videos with desired fonts, colors, and add static or animated stickers when needed. Any customization and fonts, stickers and colors are available. You can customize and transform them to make it your own.

  • Collage art image

In addition to video editing, EasyCut helps you create beautiful collages of up to 9 images. With just one touch on the screen, you can create your own unique collage using Spaces, corners, backgrounds, and frames. Simply upload an existing image from the library to EasyCut, then drag the image to the desired location on the available puzzle template, customize the location according to your preference, add spacing, background color. So you’ve completed a collage to preserve your memory.


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