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Dynamic Island creation application on Android phones!

Are you amazed by the Dynamic Island design of the iPhone 14?  Maybe you have an Android device but want the Dynamic Island feature?  It’s absolutely possible. The EDGE MASK app can help you do that. By using the EDGE MASK,  you can install and customize Dynamic Island on your Android phone. LOVELYSTATIONERY.COM will go into detail in this  article!

  • About iPhone 14 and Dynamic Island

In September 2022, Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 14. It was one of the biggest tech events of 2022, capturing the attention of the world, especially those who are Apple fans.

During the launch of the iPhone 14, we saw major changes to the iPhone design. The notch design is none, now we welcome the appearance of Dynamic Island,  a pill-shaped design on the top edge of the screen. It enables the hardware on the screen, including the front camera and Face ID sensor, to connect seamlessly, forming an area called Dynamic Island.

In addition, users can also interact with Dynamic Island to perform operations faster and more conveniently.

Is it possible to install Dynamic Island for Android devices?

You need EDGE MASK to help you do this. Simply download this app to your Android phone (free) and you can customize and create a dynamic island style notification bar.

Of course, you can’t do much with Dynamic Island “for Android” because currently the EDGE MASK only allows you to read notifications, reply to messages… Hope to update with new features in the future.

  • Notification and message effects

Currently, EDGE MASK has 4 border effects to choose from, including Edge lighting, Punch lighting, Edge Lighting wave, and Hello Lighting. Regarding the effect of pop-up messages and notifications, you can choose from one of seven unique effects including Bookmark, Slim, Ripple, Card, Samsung, Apple, and Large icon. The developer will always update with new effects in upcoming releases, giving you more options that suit your phone and style.

  • How to customize Dynamic Island with EDGE MASK?

After installing EDGE MASK on your phone, first you need to grant the app all three permissions in order for it to run, including:

  1. Accessbility
  2. Apps that can appear on top
  3. Notification access

Then go to the Effects section and select Messenger. Select your preferred notification style, then select custom colors, landscape, and portrait. Especially in the Margin section, you need to adjust the Margin of the Dynamic Island to the most suitable position on the phone’s screen, as each Android phone has a different front-facing camera design.

If you want to add a border light Effect to your phone, install Effect. 

Finally, my personal experience with EDGE MASK. After completing the Dynamic Island setup, go to the phone Settings and turn off all notifications displayed at the top of the screen. The top of the screen then displays messages based only on the dynamic island. Now, your phone looks stylish, right?

  • Advertising

Since EDGE MASK is a completely free dynamic island creation app, the application shows a few advertising videos as you customize in the app.

The developers also provide functions that require viewing ads, so you can skip them as you wish. You can view ads to support developers and pay for additional operating expenses. If you find them too much and too annoying, you can download the EDGE MASK MOD (ad-free) from APKMODY.COM.

  • Download the EDGE MASK APK and MOD for Android

EDGE MASK’s Dynamic Island won’t have as many features as the iPhone 14, but it will make your Android phone a lot more stylish. Your phone has the latest technology, a new trend for this year’s phones after the iPhone 14.

Hope this article has given you useful information about EDGE MASK and how to create dynamic islands for Android phones. You can download the app immediately via the link at the top of the article.


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