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Email Aqua Mail is an app that helps you bring all your scattered email addresses together in one place, making it easier to manage, review, reply to, and send emails.

There are too many emails to manage and they need to be collected in one place

You’re using Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, even Outlook Express… While each mailbox has its own notification system, it also has its own app that just needs to be installed, opened, and used. But having to receive too many notifications from too many places and having to use too many apps at once can also be a hassle-especially if you have too much unfinished business to take care of.

The ideal is to have everything in one place. One app that, when you open it, you can view, view, and interact with all your emails without having to go to a different app on your smartphone.

If you’re looking for an app with this feature, you might consider Email Aqua Mail.

What is Email Aqua Mail?

Email Aqua Mail is an app that collects all your email addresses in one place. At that point, you’ll be able to connect, use, and manipulate your email address through a fully trusted, transparent app that manages everything more neatly through a convenient, easy-to-use, and very private interface.

Email Aqua Mail supports many large and small email addresses, Examples include Gmail, FastMail, Apple, GMX, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL or Exchange, Aqua Mail, and many other email service providers and any mailbox that supports IMAP or POP3.

Email Aqua Mail covers more than 20 languages and helps you manage your mailbox in any foreign language. It’s also rare if you use each of the different mail clients separately.

How does Email Aqua Mail help users?

With Email Aqua Mail, you can manage all mailboxes for all addresses. Everything will happen seamlessly, efficiently, and quickly. Any incoming and outgoing emails are transmitted quickly, ensuring you don’t miss even the slightest piece of information.

Email Aqua Mail focuses on the quality and performance of the user’s email exchange, so the interface is designed to be very intuitive, vivid and convenient for mobile platforms. You can see all the features you need directly on the app’s interface without going to the inner page.

Safety and security

In addition, privacy security is a top priority for Email Aqua Mail. The developers promise not to collect or store any user’s password, including the content of emails or private messages.

Email Aqua Mail uses the OAUTH2 login method, which is highly secure and used by many well-known applications in their products. With this agreement, you can fully sign in to email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Yandex without worrying about revealing your password. Additionally, Email Aqua Mail features additional layers of security, all with the latest encryption protocols that help enforce and follow SSL, DKIM, and SPF authentication, integrating multiple layers of protection from the inside out and from login to login. Perform passwords for everything while browsing and sending emails, Email Aqua Mail is the app you can trust to send all your email addresses.


Email Aqua Mail is also a highly customizable application. You can personalize or specialize things to your liking. You can easily use Email Aqua Mail to exchange letters with colleagues, superiors, partners, or friends, family, relatives… Each mailbox represents a relationship.
You can manage your account, receive notifications, receive mail, read, browse, and reply to messages. You can also customize the app to your preferences to suit the style of your daily management habits with smart fine-tuning features that make the process of doing things even more convenient, such as swiping through messages, quickly selecting multiple messages, selecting all messages, adjusting volume, customizing font size, text color, background when composing emails, and subject options for dark/light themes.


Email Aqua Mail is an excellent email manager due to its intelligent folder division. Just unify all your email addresses, and you can manage them in sections, which you can sort by time, date, event, subject, sender group, and more.

With it, you can fully sync your Exchange, Android Wear smartwatches, contacts in Office 365, and calendars to schedule work, systematically managing your schedule.

In addition, many other additional features support user flow, Examples include saving emails as PDFS, attaching signatures to different types of mail accounts (signatures can be in the form of images, text, or HTML), being able to automatically backup and restore Settings via Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Google Drive cloud storage…

Download Email Aqua Mail MOD & APK for Android

If you have too many Email addresses at once and feel like everything is out of your control, or you just want to manage your email well, Email Aqua Mail is the app you should use.


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