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Nowadays, office jobs and jobs that require storing large amounts of information/data require reliable platforms to store and manage files/software with so many features. If you’re still wondering which platform controls your files, try using ES File Explorer now. Perhaps this is the best file storage platform for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Let’s see what’s special and interesting about ES File Explorer!

  • What is ES File Explorer?

ES File Explorer is a great tool for professionals, especially office workers.

This is an excellent tool to support corporate, organizational, and personal document management. These files include project details and data. They should be stored strictly confidential. Moreover, ES File Explorer offers many emergency functions like the ability to remove unnecessary files from surrounding platforms.

This tool is loved by many people because it contains countless excellent features to manage information in the most accurate and logical way.

  • Management of resources

Unlike other tools, ES File Explorer makes it easy for users to manage their resources. Users can upload files to the official home page and create their own folders to store files. 


  • Easy access on any device

With ES File Explorer, users can easily access all devices, especially phones, instead of limited access on PCS. Not everyone carries a laptop with them, so this function is a huge plus for support users.

  • Download photos, watch movies and connect to 3G

With this tool, users will be able to enjoy excellent features such as uploading pictures, watching movies and setting up 3G connections. This support tool is awesome. Consider downloading it now.

  • File decompression  

In addition, you can unzip ZIP and RAR files, and you can access a variety of content on your computer and phone via Wi-Fi.

  • Connect directly to other platforms

Unlike other apps, ES File Explorer allows you to directly connect to other services, such as Google Drive, OneDrive… With this tool, you can directly access other file storage applications without spending much time.

  • Transfer files over Wi-Fi

A standout advantage of this app is the ability to transfer files between devices at lightning-fast speeds. From here, users can easily extract files using ES File Explorer.

  • Support for logging into multiple accounts on the same tool

Most users often have a lot of difficulty logging into multiple accounts at the same time. But since you can connect directly to other storage (such as Google Drive or OneDrive), you can sign into too many different accounts to manage and control your data.

  • Remote access

ES File Explorer has been updated with features that allow you to remotely access services such as SMB, FTP, WebDAV, and from here you can integrate PDF files for faster editing. In addition, the tool supports highlighting, deletes, underlining, and more of the content in a file.

  • Support for editing formats

ES File Explorer supports editing up to 47 different formats such as log, java, php, json, js, xml, and net.

  •  Personal file management process

The app supports the process of users uploading files and folders and easily controlling resources. Simply visit the app, download the necessary subfiles or folders on the tool, and you can turn on the resource management feature in the fastest way possible.

Nowadays, leaks of confidential information are becoming more common, and users are confused and fearful about the mismanagement of their information. In addition to supporting data uploads, the tool can also help users remove spam.

  • Minimalist interface

Are you worried about the complexity of managing files here? Don’t worry, because it has the most minimalist interface design. The developers hope that with ES File Explorer, users will no longer encounter errors, delays, or files that cannot be exported. This tool is an indispensable supporter of stored information. With this tool, you’ll be able to organize your files clearly, making it faster and easier to control your files.

  • What’s in the ES File Explorer Premium version?

  1. Text editor
  2. Show hidden files, system files
  3. No ads
  4. Customize theme
  • FAQs

   1. Does ES File Explorer charge?

  Yes. Because this is a highly secure tool, it helps users easily process files with the fastest time. You’ll have to pay about $9.99 per month. This pricing is reasonable.

   2. Is the file unzipped high?

  Yes. With support for RAR and ZIP files, users can unzip directly on the tool without going through any complicated intermediate channels.

  • Download ES File Explorer Pro MOD & APK for Android

With the amount of information to be stored running into thousands of files per day, it makes perfect sense to choose ES File Explorer as your companion. The easy-to-use functionality is also a big plus for ES File Explorer.



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