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ESET Mobile v8.2.15.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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ESET Mobile keeps your device free of viruses and no longer vexed by ads, scam apps, fraud, or information tracking. Any elements that are harmful to the phone stay away, thus making the web browsing process of the device more secure.

ESET Mobile app is an anti-virus application that helps eliminate all risks in the Internet environment!

  • What is ESET Mobile for?

The Internet provides a great deal of useful information to all kinds of users. There are many new viruses at the same time, and they are spreading in many different ways and channels. Malicious apps are also ubiquitous. How can you avoid these components to keep your equipment safe and healthy?

You’ll need a mobile antivirus app. ESET Mobile is one of the apps that many users trust on the platform today.

ESET Mobile is a dedicated mobile antivirus app. Download this app to your computer, install automatic scan mode, and your device will now be cleared of viruses and no more money scamming apps. Apps that promote fraudulent or infiltrated messages and all other malicious ways will be eliminated.

You can access the network anytime and anywhere to perform various tasks without worrying about information being leaked. Downloading files, shopping online, executing bank transactions… Everything will be done in an area of absolute security.

  • Effective anti-virus

ESET Mobile’s first and most important feature: antivirus.

The app is able to protect your device from malicious apps, prevent any potential threats, and remove them from your device without warning.

For this purpose, ESET Mobile performs a real-time device scan (you can choose the scan frequency according to the time setting or let the application scan when needed). ESET Mobile will automatically scan all files and apps as well as USB devices connected to the device for traces of malicious apps.

After the scan is completed, the application will publish a security report corresponding to the scan results. From there, you’ll learn general and detailed information about current device security.

While at work, if you want to know specifically what types of viruses ESET Mobile automatically scans for, blocks, and removes, or if you want to know if the app is running effectively, you can view the app with ESET activity logs on the home screen.

  • Protect your data

You can also enjoy many advanced security services when you use the ESET Mobile Premium version. These moves will not only clean your device and remove viruses, but also help you perform a range of more complex tasks completely safely (e.g., online shopping, online banking……) .

ESET Mobile will now combine both forms of protection. One is anti-phishing by exploiting the ESET database of malicious applications to find phishing sites. The second is network testing, which scans the network connection you’re using to check for security vulnerabilities. The combination of the two helps ESET Mobile quickly eliminate high-risk, potentially unsafe targets for sensitive online activities.

ESET Mobile is also an effective AD removal application when using the Internet. 

  • Device position tracking

Not only can it kill viruses, ESET Mobile is also a useful app for Goldfish Brain users. Your device will be geo-located and ESET Mobile will always help you locate it, sending information about the last location before the battery runs low.

ESET Mobile can even help display a message to the finder if the device location cannot be found (through another device registered with the same account).

  • Lock and delete applications remotely

To protect against malicious apps and block apps even when you’re away from your device, ESET Mobile offers app locking and remote app deletion features. You can ask the app to access and connect your device to your Google account, check for the presence of any sensitive apps, and then make the decision to lock the app or remove it entirely, without having to hold the device directly in your hand.

  • Download ESET Mobile MOD & APK for Android

With many excellent features, ESET Mobile deserves to be the comprehensive antivirus app you install on your device.


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