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Esuper is a file management application on mobile devices that helps you synthesize, categorize, systemize, and search your files efficiently to save more time.

Esuper is an easy-to-use and effective file management application!

About Esuper

One day, if you suddenly realize that your phone or tablet has too much information stored and it takes too long when you need to look it up, you can’t find it because you forget where you put the files. Then the phone also became very slow, much slower than when I first bought it. That’s why you need a neat and effective file management application like Esuper.

Esuper is a mobile file management application, full name Esuper file manager -Esuper file browser. When not taking up much memory, and using less battery, Esuper is pretty much the right hand that you’re used to storing and downloading many things on your phone.

With Esuper app, everything becomes organized according to the system you want. From there, it will become easier and faster to search for or open any files later.

Mobile cleaning

Esuper is also a butler , responsible for cleaning everything on your device with one click or a few clicks.

Just like that, junk files will be automatically deleted, cookies will be deleted, accidentally duplicated images will also be deleted, and files that are at risk of infection with viruses or threats will be automatically deleted. Cleaning this up will make your phone run a little faster.

Not only that, but Esuper can help personalize the cleaning process. Specifically, Esuper will analyze the space status on your device, showing files that are too large, recently used files, important file categories, and the size of all subfolders on your device. You can decide what to keep and what to store to make the device lighter again.

What protocols does Esuper support?

Esuper works well on multiple types of connections, including local networks. You can easily manage all the files on your phone while using a LAN. Esuper supports rarer protocols such as SMB 2.0, FTP, HTTP, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, NAS, NFS, CIFS, and WebDAV…

By accessing all the files on and off your device, you can manage all the information transferred on your device faster and more efficiently. Especially through intuitive and simple operations, such as when managing files on a laptop. Specifically, reinstall, uninstall, back up applications, rename files, move to a new folder, create a new search folder, filter files by different criteria such as time, type, project, etc.

File viewing and decompression function

Not only does Esuper help you manage files on your phone, but it’s also an efficient file viewer. Through this app, you can easily open, view, and manipulate many different file formats and even display in minimal, zoomed-in, or multiple different views.

Esuper is also an effective compression and decompression tool, supporting 7zip, Zip, Rar, obb formats. These are popular formats that help reduce file sizes, thus freeing up some device space.

Some other useful features

Esuper is also a versatile file management application. In addition to its main functions such as file management, clearing device space, and so on, Esuper can also help you stream music and movies over your network connection. Also, this is a tool that supports linking to network storage areas, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Yandex. The app also helps to manage USB storage in multiple formats and currently supports FAT32, exFat, and NTFS.

Download Esuper MOD & APK for Android

Esuper is an easy-to-use and effective file management application!

Esuper is an efficient, intelligent, intuitive, and versatile file manager for many essential tasks on mobile devices. Let’s download this useful app right now!


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