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Facetune Editor app is a versatile photo capture and editing application conceived by a group of young and talented programmers (Lightricks Ltd). Shortly after the app’s launch, Facetune Editor racked up over 50 million downloads and nearly half a million positive reviews on Google Play.

Introduction to Facetune Editor

It’s fair to say that today’s photo editing apps are no longer new, but they never seem to go out of style in the eyes of users. From the birth of the legendary Camera 360, the old Beauty Plus to the recently launched VSCO or CYMERA, it has always attracted millions of photography lovers.

Facetune also generated a certain amount of buzz when it was released two years ago, so it’s also a big name. The developer didn’t stop there, and went ahead and released the second version, which is now well received.

The Facetune Editor contains all the essence of the first version as well as powerful improvements. Glittering photos or memorable moments will be edited with power and ease.

It’s fair to say that Lightricks is a name that’s no stranger to tech enthusiasts, with a SLATE of powerful apps like Lightleap, Motionleap, and now the Facetune Editor. This may not be a custom browser. Edit photos with many breakthroughs or containing high-end technology, but it’s the most trusted app.

Using advanced AI intelligence technology

From the start, you’ll realize that Facetune 2 is not a manual industrial photo editing browser. The app integrates extremely modern AI technology that can help customers edit and take photos smoothly and seamlessly without causing hassles like other apps.

Users can customize features such as cheek Angle, lip augmentation, thinner chin, and nose bridge enhancement with an automatic slider. The browser also has a facial recognition scan mode, so the AI will adjust the composition of your face to the best direction.

Arguably, this is what makes Facetune 2 successful, compared to competitors of the same type in the market. It’s a great tech app that helps you adjust your face in the most natural and simple orientation without having to sit by and go through the instructions for each item like before.


Unique and diverse filter filters

When it comes to photo editing apps, it’s not about filters, tools, but tools that help make photos with an unwanted color gamut more attractive and gorgeous through different theme styles. Facetune 2 includes more than 100 different filters divided into different backgrounds and themes for users to choose from.

And the use of the method is very simple, just drag and drop the desired image or click into the appropriate filter. The rest of Facetune 2 will automatically handle the shading of all these filters and cast them automatically so that you can easily choose your own style.

In addition, Facetune 2 provides tools to trim the body or remove scars, lighten dark spots and smooth the skin according to the golden ratio, which provides great convenience for users.

Impressive light and dark contrast customization

Also, it’s hard not to mention the brightness adjustment feature in Facetune 2 called Relight. In fact, any photo if the exposure is too high or too low. It gets really ugly. Therefore, Relight will help you to correct and repair these corners of the eye in the most balanced way.


Facetune 2 has once again surprised us with its amazing AI-powered Relight feature. Therefore, it will be very simple for users to use with some support tasks, you can just move the automatic sliders as above to increase or decrease the optical density and shadow effects of your photos according to your preference.

It must be said that Relight is a very great feature, which can help users to combine changing the brightness color to lighten and whiten the desired points. It even lets you make a thorough comparison to get the most satisfactory final result after multiple edits.

Download Facetune Editor MOD & APK for Android

In summary, Facetune 2 is an excellent editing app. This photo-editing browser not only inherits the great features of the first version, but also improves it a lot, making the app nearly perfect in every way.


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