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Learning a new language is difficult, especially English. The complexity of pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary can leave students feeling overwhelmed. But don’t worry, because Falou, the leading language learning app, has changed the way we learn languages. Falou is a simple and professional language learning app. If you study hard in Falou, your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills will be greatly improved!

Fine-tune your speaking skills

Your pronunciation, every consonant, every vowel curve, Falou will notice and carefully guide. Speaking is always the most difficult skill to practice because you rarely get to test your pronunciation correctly. However, the adoption of Falou with advanced speech recognition technology would be the best solution to this problem. As you speak, each voice is repeated, retained, and translated into a real-life experience by Falou.


Instead of just listening and retelling, with Falou, you’ll have a powerful virtual assistant at your side to guide and assess the pronunciation skills or grammar of each word and sentence. Every time you say a certain sentence, the app tells you whether you’re wrong or right by the colors that appear on the screen (green means correct, red means there’s a problem).

Worried about imperfect communication? It’s an old story! Whether you are new to learning a foreign language or already have the basics, Falou is committed to providing quality pronunciation and listening exercises to help you make progress. From reading and listening to engaging quizzes to exercises that help you hone your vocabulary and grammar, you’ll always feel like you have a lot more to do to perfect your skills.

Improve reading and writing skills

Falou not only focuses on listening and speaking skills, but also actively supports your reading and writing skills. Falou’s unique and effective approach will help you develop your reading and writing skills quickly and confidently.

As you hone your reading skills with Falou, you’ll have access to thousands of different articles and lessons from reliable sources. Interesting content on economics, science, culture, and more will help you improve your grammar, vocabulary, and knowledge of how to use sentences at work and in everyday life.

You can choose a clear article according to your level, or you can try interesting content and challenge higher difficulty levels. There are thousands of test questions for your reference. In addition, Falou provides detailed explanations and assistance to help you understand each context and improve your reading comprehension.


In addition to practicing your reading skills, Falou also offers you the opportunity to practice writing in a foreign language in a structured manner. You will do a variety of writing exercises, such as writing short paragraphs, writing letters, writing essays, and so on. Falou will assess your writing, from clause substructure to grammar and vocabulary, to help you identify and improve your weaknesses. You’ll also get feedback and advice from a virtual teacher to help you fully develop your writing skills. When you learn Falou’s test preparation course, you will no longer be bored with any tasks in the exam!

Practice listening skills from native speakers

Apart from speaking, listening is one of the two most important communication skills we use. There are many practice listening exercises on the Internet that can help you do well on the IELTS or TOEIC. However, they are just for exams but are actually boring.

If you really want to improve your ability to listen to foreign languages and want to use them in real communication, let Falou help you, as the app not only has hundreds of test prep questions, but also provides documentation and videos of many native English speakers chatting. Not only will this help you improve your listening skills, but it’s also a great way to learn slang and an authentic style of conversation, not just rehearsing boring test questions over and over again.

Download Falou MOD & APK for Android

Falou is not only a language learning tool, but also an extremely immersive experience. Falou combines intelligent technology with professional teaching methods to provide effective and optimal foreign language learning methods. Do not let time pass without improving your language skills. With Falou’s guidance, you will make rapid progress and become confident in using the language you want in any situation.


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