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Upgrade to the premium version of this popular e-book reader.

FBReader Premium is an ebook reader app that helps you read or listen to all the PDF books and comics available on your phone clearly and accurately.

About FBReader Premium

Sometimes you feel a little lazy reading a book with your eyes, and many times you want someone to read all the open text content on your phone screen out loud to you, both to check the content and to do other things to save time. Or just that your eyes are too tired to read and just want someone to read to you.

If you fall into one of these situations, there’s no need to worry, as there’s an app that helps you with efficient, clear, customizable, and compatible reading in many different languages. The app is called FBReader Premium.


      Features available in this version:

  * Read all text aloud (via Android text-to-speech)

  * Google Translate integration

  * Built-in support for PDF and comic book formats

Reading aloud

FBReader Premium has a built-in text-to-speech feature exclusively for Android phones. The feature is designed and programmed at a high level with the support of AI recognition, so it can convert any text into speech.

More than 34 languages are now available in the FBReader Premium app, enabling almost any PDF document to be read aloud on mobile devices. In particular, even in comic form, it is not difficult to apply. FBReader Premium’s text recognition function works well in the background of file formats, automatically selecting text for reading, ignoring irrelevant image details, and still not affecting the recognition speed and reading progress.

Within the entire text that appears on the screen, when a particular sentence is read, the app automatically highlights the sentence being read, so that users can detect where they are listening throughout the large text, if necessary. FBReader Premium also has high compatibility, it can handle most text formats, books, stories, e-book comics, Such as comic (CBR/CBZ), RTF, doc (MS Word), HTML, text, ePub, PDF, Kindle azw3 (mobipocket), fb2(.zip). The app can even read some rare formats.

Integration with Google Translate

In many cases, even if you adjust your speed and voice, it will still be difficult to hear and understand all the words in the text. To help users better understand the meaning and also be an effective way to learn new words, FBReader Premium integrates Google Translate. As the lines on the screen are read aloud and highlighted, when you turn on this Google Translate feature, you can immediately translate those sentences and display the meaning in another corner of the screen. That is, you can still find the meaning of necessary words and sentences without leaving the app. This ability is very convenient for those who learn a foreign language by reading stories, reading the news.


Lots of useful options

While reading the text, the app’s home screen has a series of custom buttons that allow listeners to adjust their voices and expressions to their liking.

Specifically, users can adjust how fast or slow they read, choose a different voice, and choose another language among the app’s 34 available languages. You can even zoom in and out of the screen as needed. With these options, no matter where you are, you can just read the text, with many different purposes, and you will feel convenient and comfortable while using it.

FBReader Premium is also highly customizable, and it can deeply interfere not only with the reading method, but also with the display process. During reading, the app allows the user to customize the bold color of the line being read, display large and small text on the screen, and adjust the screen brightness to match the external lighting environment.

With these 2 convenient customizations, FBReader Premium always feels familiar when using and is suitable for all, even those with little access to technology.


Support file download and sync with cloud storage

In addition to being able to read highly customized text, FBReader Premium is also an effective download tool. With FBReader Premium, you can access many major e-book stores around the world and resources in all popular languages, and use FBReader Premium to speed up the download of series, comic books, or any other e-book documents you want to read.

To make it easier to store these books, FBReader Premium also supports syncing book libraries on the Google Drive cloud service. You can sync your reading progress to track the location of the books you’re reading and continue reading from the cloud library using another device with FBReader Premium installed.

Download FBReader Premium APK free for Android

FBReader Premium is an effective reading app on mobile. With good customization,  high compatibility and cloud synchronization, FBReader Premium will give you the ultimate convenience during reading.


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