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One of the few insightful, full-featured, and easy to use video production apps!

Shooting, creating, and post-editing all your videos of multiple lengths in FilmoraHD will save you a lot of time and stress. FilmoraHD is not only easy to use and supports fast operation, but also has a large number of features available to avoid manual adjustments from scratch. If you want to make videos that are fast, quality, and have depth, you should have this app.

There are so many video editing apps, but to be completely convenient is not easy to find

There are so many video editing apps, but to be completely convenient is not easy to find. There are now also many apps for video editing on mobile phones. But the biggest concern remains ease of use. Everything needs to be done directly on the phone’s screen, so if something isn’t intuitive, the design is cumbersome or the functionality is a bit confusing, it can be annoying, especially if you need to shoot and edit video quickly.

Therefore, you need to find a video editing app that creates the most favorable conditions for the use process and can be easily operated even while on the go. FilmoraHD is one of the applications that meets this requirement.

Easy operation

A big hurdle for users is the post-editing section. Many apps fail to overcome the disadvantages of confusion, multiple functions and greed, but do not directly meet the most necessary needs of users. FilmoraHD is using this to stand out.

FilmoraHD’s leading video editing features are brought to the home interface. Less essential features will continue to be displayed in the subpages. So no matter the situation, you can fully customize your video with the popular feature set. Then, if you have the time and want to dig deeper, leigently go to the inside page to attach all the little details. With this structure, FilmoraHD brings more immediacy, convenience, and ease to all users. It can be said that anyone can download FilmoraHD and use it immediately, without wasting time learning.

Edit videos instantly, without waiting

FilmoraHD is characterized by helping users create videos quickly and simply in any situation.
First, benefit from shortcuts to record movies directly from the app. Typically with some other video recording apps, when you open the app, you have to wait a while, then open the lens, select camera effects from scratch before recording, and wait longer. Many achievements are delayed, and sometimes valuable moments are lost.

FilmoraHD simplifies all the tedious operations and keeps only the most important content. Open the app, select the template, and shoot. The operation itself contains no timeouts, so you can turn the camera on almost whenever you need to. The number of templates is also considerable. For almost any style of movie, be it classic or stylish, FilmoraHD has a way to make you happy.


FilmoraHD feature details

* When you need to interfere with the video content, you can use the cut/split, Merge toolkit provided on the homepage of the interface. You can combine small videos into one or split a clip into several parts.

* When you need to create a mask for your video, use the set of features provided in FilmoraHD. On the other hand, it is also possible to change the aspect ratio or transceiver according to the visual timeline. This is also a set of features that give you the freedom to adjust the video speed to your liking.

* You can also extract your favorite audio from an existing video and customize the sound slightly before adding it as the background sound for your video clip. All operations in the video and audio sections are fast and easy to understand.

* If you need to add sound or music to your video, FilmoraHD also offers a built-in music library with copyrighted tracks and a set of sound effects to help you quickly sift through and find what’s right for you. Those who want to record their own voice and put it in a video can also do so using the corresponding feature in FilmoraHD.


* The transition effects in FilmoraHD are also very effective for all needs. There are a range of transitions based on lighting, filters, and animation. You can fully combine transition effects with the filters and effects provided in this app.

* There are many other little add-ons that come up when you dig into the app. These include adding text, characters, and stickers to a video, or adding frames to a movie frame. You can choose to use them if you wish.

Download FilmoraHD  MOD & APK for Android

FilmoraHD is a modern video recording and editing app with a focus on speed and ease of use. Let’s download this useful app right now!


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