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When you need to touch up a dramatic sheen,  please give Filto a try. This unique photo editing app has a unique art style that will bring you sparkling photos.

Shine like an angel

Shine like an angel with just one touch! Artistic style of novel photo editing trend. There are many photo editing applications available for mobile devices. Each app has its own character, sometimes because of the variety of features, sometimes because of the ability to customize and deeply intervene in each image, sometimes because of the simplicity of operation, or perhaps because of the focus on a unique aesthetic.
Some people choose to experience a unique and somewhat exotic aesthetic style to edit photos because they discover something new, be themselves but more attractive, especially always changing like a chameleon. If you’re in that group, putting the different first, one of the not-to-miss apps is Filto.

About the Filto difference

Filto is an editing app that allows you to modify images and short video clips with Sparkling style filters. With just one tap, select, and customize the level, and in an instant you have a special picture of the shining stars all around you, while you shine like an angel in a glittering galaxy. It doesn’t sound like coffee, and you have to try it directly to get a sense of what the concept of “bubbling” means.
It makes your photos full of fantasy, glittering, like stepping out of the stage of dreams.

But don’t get stuck with a universal formula. Filto has a lot of filters. From classic and dynamic cute to exquisite sparkle or exquisite sparkle effects. There are also similarly styled stickers and enhanced video-specific features.
When using Filto, you get to experience most of the tools that make your photos, videos, and more attractive.

Flickering visual effects

Filters alone are not enough, a photo needs to add beautiful effects to complete the glittering aesthetic. In Filto, there are a series of expensive effects that create a magical but equally vivid feel to each image. These can be called the fisheye effect (for images of the vast world outside with a wider perspective), the Vintique effect (sweet romantic vibe from an old imprint), the twinkle effect (twinkling like stars on a winter night), the Glitch effect (converting the image to a more hipster punk look for fashion-forward photos).

If you want to be even weirder, you can look at the effects of steam waves (creating cool soft tides that make the picture look like it’s immersed in water), mirroring and splitting (creating a symmetrical, weird image splitting effect), or wave effects (decorating the image in a whole new way).
If you like a vibrant style, you can use pop art effects (to enhance the personality of each image), neon effects (to add neon lights to make the image more futuristic), string effects (to create a halo like moth wings or add a crown to make you a stage queen)…

Filters have their own personalities

The filters in Filto are VHS retro style, you can Glitch images (twist them in many creative ways), you can VHS overlay (like taking pictures with a retro 80’s film camera), you can Bling (add flash effects to look like stage superstars), Movies can use style filters (like characters in surreal historical films).
If you like a cute, sweet style, you can choose a light filter (add highlights and dark highlights to make the image more bold) or a holiday style filter (for Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthday, Halloween, Christmas……) .
Each filter can be selected with just one touch. Each filter is created by a creative designer, ensuring that you will view your photos/videos in a completely different way.

Editing videos

Beyond editing, Filto helps you edit videos in the most concise, artistic way possible. Through basic video editing functions such as Trim (crop video and select the best clip), follow various social networking sites Instagram, IGTV, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Douyin… Scale size Crop video……

There are also advanced features, such as adding music and adding effects. To create finished products that sparkly like photos, you can edit them through the app. The modified video can be exported to HD format, without ads and watermarks. Or you can share it instantly on many popular social networks without compromising the original video quality.

Download Filto  MOD & APK for Android

Focusing on unique filters and effects that give all photos and videos a shimmering and special feel, Filto is the application you should use if you want to change your style.


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