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The problem of “WiFi theft” has caused and will cause a lot of pain to many people. While we now have ways around this, such as changing WiFi passwords and restricting users, hackers also have their own ways to create increasingly advanced hacking apps to crack your home passwords. Therefore, WiFi management applications like Fing are extremely necessary in this era. Let’s see what’s special about this app!

Check WiFi users

The Fing app is a highly valuable tool designed for network analysis and testing that gives users confidence and peace of mind when managing and securing their connected devices. With breakthrough features and superior performance, Fing has created a strong brand in the tech world.
Fing is able to scan the network thoroughly and smoothly. Fing is equipped with advanced technology tools that can detect and list all connected devices in a network, from desktops, laptops, tablets to smartphones.

You can easily view a list and detailed information about these devices, such as IP address, name, manufacturer, and more. By clearly identifying available devices and checking their connection quality, you can better control and manage your network. Simply reading the bad guys’ names and asking them to stop seems more effective than cracking down on WiFi theft in general.

Strong Wifi security system

As a leading application in the field of network security, Fing brings absolute trust to its users with its powerful security tools. One of the most typical functions is to detect devices operating from unknown or strange sources in the host WiFi network. This helps you detect and block suspicious behavior or illegal access to the network in a timely manner.
Fing monitors and records network activity to detect abnormal changes and immediately issue alerts in the event of ineffective interference. Because of this feature, behaviors that threaten your network security, such as visiting prohibited websites, will be completely restricted.
In addition, Fing provides many important tools to protect the network. You can enable features such as network firewalls (firewalls) to restrict access to the network and control services. This helps prevent external attacks and protect personal information and important data online.
Fing not only focuses on preventing attacks, but also ensures network security by testing and evaluating the security level of the network. Fing analyzes security vulnerabilities and suggests ways to fix them, ensuring your network is fully protected from potential threats.

Check network quality

Apart from playing the role of network security like a policeman in the WiFi sector, Fing also acts as an administrator, checking the quality of your network at all times. The app provides detailed network speed tests and connection quality assessments.
The app uses advanced technology to measure download and upload speeds and generate detailed reports on connection performance and trends. Basic parameters such as Ping, Jilter, or Loss are displayed in detail on the control panel. This allows you to gain insight into network performance and detect potential problems to take remedial action.


Create a favorites list (not really)

A handy feature of Fing is the ability to create a list of favorites. You can select important devices and add them to your favorites list to keep track of them easily. That is, every time these devices access the network, you will be notified about their arrival. This will be the best way for you to manage your children at night to see if they are secretly using their phones.
Or encounter annoying people who specialize in accessing WiFi without permission, and you can detect them as long as they get into your WiFi in your home.

Download Fing MOD & APK for Android

Practice saying goodbye smoothly because you will say goodbye to latency every time you use the Internet. With Fing, any issues with your WiFi will be solved once and for all. Don’t hesitate to download this app now to improve your network condition!


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