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Plan and work out effectively anytime and anywhere!

Fitify will help you build your body at home with an effective workout plan without having to go to the gym every day.

Exercising at home is not an easy thing

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many habits of people.  Party, shop, meet people, save money, spend money, and even exercise. Anyone who wants to lose weight, gain weight or stay in shape or simply wants to stay fit, even those who have never been interested in sports before, knows the importance of fitness and daily exercise.

Many benefits

Adhering to scientific exercise methods can not only bring health, mental happiness and physical strength, but also help you stay away from disease and the risk of disease caused by daily bad habits.

In the past, we thought of exercise as going to the gym, where there were PT guides, simple to complex equipment, meters, people with similar interests to practice. It’s true that working out at the gym is more enjoyable, and the process of working out with others helps us expand our social relationships.

Instead, it may be safer to follow the right, useful exercise methods if we practice at home. For me, I would also choose this way.

However, not everyone can exercise at home. You need one resolution at the gym and ten resolutions at home to discipline yourself, learn and design your own exercises, and learn to listen and measure your body. Not many people can get that much done. So exercising at home still makes a lot of people hesitant.

When you have an app, an effective tool to help you make recommendations, design exercises that fit each need, and accompany your daily practice time, the above barriers will no longer exist. For that, you’ll need the help of Fitify.


What is Fitify?

Fitify is a mobile app that helps you set your own workout time, home workout schedule, without PT, and without going to the gym or using many complex workout equipment. With this app and determination, you can get back in shape without wasting time hitting the gym.

In Fitify, you can choose from multiple workout types. This includes exercises specific to your own physique, bare arms, or using instruments (handbell, barbell, ball, crossbar, bosu, TRX…). . Each exercise is designed based on the advice of renowned experts in the field of sports.

An exercise system based on body goals

Fitify starts with a list of questions and multiple choices. With a complete and accurate answer to your current status, Fitify “knows” more about you: health status, measurements, why you exercise, short-term fitness expectations, long-term fitness goals…

For these specific needs, Fitify will take the initiative to create a complete fitness plan for each person. Whatever goals are given, from total weight loss, fat burning, muscle building, ABS, weight training, weight loss… The answer needs to be found in a personalized exercise program.

Fitify currently has more than 900 workouts. In exercise planning, the app proactively extracts and suggests appropriate workouts from the available exercise store, indicating the progress over time, the duration of each exercise, the ideal time of day to exercise. Everything you need to know is included in the plan.

You don’t have to worry about whether you exercise or not, Fitify’s recommended fitness plan always has recommendations for you. What’s more, Fitify can be further adjusted during your workout to make your workout regimen more and more compatible with you.

Overall, in my opinion, Fitify’s ability to personalize the training process for each user is worth it. Each exercise routine will be based on each person’s unique constitution. The ultimate goal of the program is to help users exercise at home in their own way, with varying free time, but guaranteed to bring good results after the training process.

All you need is 15 minutes of physical activity a day. Combination exercises by day and stage, from stretching, yoga, cardio, HIIT, Tabata, strength, cardio and recovery… Put them together to create a comprehensive training week. You will see results after a month of regular practice.

Design your own exercises

If you’re someone who knows a lot about yourself, your metrics, and your future goals, you can design your own exercises. You can try creating custom workouts based on the vast inventory of training available on Fitify, ranging from easy to difficult.

When you start practicing and still don’t like it, you can always go back and make changes until you’re really comfortable with the practice.

Virtual personal trainer at home

Each exercise in Fitify comes with a PT that guides you through a detailed voice-over, showing you how to create movements and their effects in an integrated exercise. The gentle, warm sounds in Fitify exercises will help you get more inspiration and discipline. As a result, your health is also significantly improved.

Because everyone’s exercise habits are different. Creating a sense of empathy and energizing the practitioner is key to being effective. These virtual coaches have subtle voices and detailed instructions that will help you through many difficult levels.

Fitify also has reminders, which send you notifications and the option to beep to remind you that it’s time to work out. This feature is basic, but it’s integral to all fitness apps, not just Fitify.

Download Fitify  MOD & APK for Android

If you’re serious about home fitness, Fitify is the app you should install today. By following your customized app workout program route, you can even design your own special workouts to get closer to your goal of the perfect physique.


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