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A big drawback for many users today is that composing music is too cumbersome for instruments, studios, etc. But to support users in composing easily, FL Studio Mobile has spawned a tool that lets users create their own beats, mix songs, and export their own songs. Let’s take a look at the awesome features of FL Studio Mobile!


What is FL Studio Mobile?

FL Studio Mobile allows users to create their own beats and tracks on a mobile device or tablet. Instead of going to a Studio and buying expensive instruments to create beats, users can easily access FL Studio Mobile at home to create and save to their music library. In addition, you can transfer unfinished tracks to your computer to continue editing via the software on your device.

In the old days, when technology was underdeveloped, creating a beat required hiring a lot of people and renting a studio… So music lovers find it annoying, and there’s not enough money. This is. As a result, those who love making music are now free to get creative and maybe your song will be a hit.

Excellent features of FL Studio Mobile.


There are many kinds of instruments

FL Studio Mobile offers users access to over 133 instruments, including drum sets and cyclable beats. Users can customize their instruments to suit their own beats, rather than being limited to a few available instruments as is the case with other platforms. Not only can you simply use an instrument to create a song, but you can also mix music, mix music genres and change it into melodies and lyrics that you write yourself.

Some popular instruments such as bass, bell, guitar, keyboard, tonic, orchestra, percussion pad, sequencer, SFX, synthesizer…

Create your own music project

Just sitting at home, you can instantly create a piece of music at an economical cost. The app not only supports those who like to compose music, but for those who like to compose and produce entertainment beats, FL Studio Mobile will have all your needs met. If you want to use some of the more advanced features, you’ll have to pay for the app. However, if you just want to create simple tracks, you can use them on a completely free platform with available features.

Sound recording

FL Studio Mobile not only supports the creation of music tracks and beats, but also enables users to record their own sounds and export the files as WAV/M4A. Users can easily sing on FL Studio Mobile without paying to go to a recording studio.

Virtual piano keyboards and other tools

FL Studio Mobile also offers a virtual piano keyboard for users to experience playing a real-life piano. In addition, users can use the drum pad according to their own rhythm.

To create high-quality beats, FL Studio Mobile also provides tools to edit sound waves: cut trim, normalize, insert mute, fade in/fade out, and can be used on any high-resolution device.


Minimal interface, easy to use

The three main colors of white, dark blue and orange, as well as the minimalist interface design, are also a major strength of FL Studio Mobile. Users will get access to the app faster with complete ease, and the production of their songs is fast.

Download FL Studio Mobile free for Android

FL Studio Mobile is an app that only supports users to easily edit, compose, and record music on their mobile devices. You don’t have to put a lot of effort into going to a studio and buying expensive instruments, but now you can sit at home and create a product for yourself. So, what are you waiting for, not to download FL Studio Mobile now!


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