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Flashlight Plus v2.7.10 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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🔦 Flashlight and LED flashlight 🔦 – your ultimate lightning and navigation companion!

🔦 Flashlight Plus LED With the help of the large power button in the middle of the screen, you can provide free flash in your Android phone with an easy-to-use interface.

  • You can use a flashlight and magnifying glass through your mobile device. The app, which is beloved by smartphone users in every region, adds mystery to the photos taken by the camera. Another interesting experiment is to try to improve features that already exist.
  • The original Flashlight software has been modernized to Flashlight Plus Free, which can be downloaded for free. It was developed by the same team responsible for the widely used Calculator Plus. This program is ingenious because it combines a magnifying glass and a lamp into a convenient device that can be used for a variety of purposes. Once you download OpticViewTM, your smartphone will quickly become one of the most powerful and space-saving devices you own. Through this viewfinder, you can see what’s illuminated on your screen. With its help, you will find it easier and faster to browse the web.


  • This free app is just a simple flashlight that can save your life in a crisis. If you want to use your device as a flashlight, carry your device’s brightest LED light with you. Simply tap the widget or lock the screen to turn on the light. With this program, you can use a magnifying glass with magnification of 1, 2 or even 4 times. When you use a flashlight, you can hear and feel what it is doing. The program can help you find things even when the light is low. Lanterns are a great way to light up the path when camping or hiking at night, and they are useful not only in dark restaurants and theaters, but anywhere where the light is low. When combined with the viewfinder, the app’s magnifying glass makes it easier to read menus and small fonts in books. You should purchase this important item so that you always have a working flashlight.
  • Flashlight Plus is a mobile app that turns your smartphone into a multi-purpose tool, combining a high-powered flashlight, a reliable compass, and a universal flashlight in one convenient package.
  • Magnifying glass – Digital magnifying glass with zoom and flashlight!
  • The Magnifying Glass mobile app for Android is the simplest, highest-quality digital magnifying glass in your phone. The digital magnifying glass uses the zoom camera in your phone to zoom in on any tiny object closer.

Key Features:

✓ Digital magnifying glass

✓ Zoom in

✓ Flashlight

✓ Freeze, save and share

✓ Character recognition

✓ Camera and image filters

✓ Full screen mode

✓ Incredible visibility

🔍 Digital magnifying glass

Turn your smartphone into an incredible digital magnifying glass, magnifier, and zoom camera with cool features.

🔍 Flashlight

The app features screen zooming and lighting controls for ease of operation. You can also use a flashlight as a light source to get brighter photos.

🔍 To zoom

Use your smartphone’s camera to zoom in on the object to the maximum.

🔍 Freeze, save and share

There’s also a “freeze” feature that helps you see objects more comfortably. After you freeze a photo, you can save or share it.

🔍 Word recognition

The advantage over competitors lies in text recognition and use of it. You can listen to the text, share it with friends, and change the size.

🔍 Camera and image filters

Make the most of your smartphone and apply the filters you like. So many filters are available in the free version of the mobile app.

The perfect solution is a magnifying glass!

Download Flashlight Plus v2.7.10 MOD & APK (Premium Unlocked)

It’s a user-friendly magnifying glass app for everyday use. This is an application that provides simple and convenient functions. Download the free Android mobile app and enjoy all the features of the Magnifying Glass app instantly.


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