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FMWhatsApp APK is a WhatsApp MOD app that improves on some of the global chat app’s shortcomings to cater to some users who prefer a more visual experience on WhatsApp.  

What is the WhatsApp MOD application?  

WhatsApp is the leading popular mobile chat app that uses open source code. As a result, a number of apps have been created based on modifications of WhatsApp’s original code.   

Why do many people want to MOD WhatsApp? It’s just that WhatsApp has many excellent features compared to other online chat apps, such as security, privacy, discretion, parsimony, and ease of use…… But it still has many small drawbacks, such as a limited number of photos sent at once, few ICONS, and support for emotion-expressing stickers during animated chats instead of changing the background interface every time you chat… Because of this, some skilled users, such as mobile app developers, have created new versions of WhatsApp for themselves that fix WhatsApp’s existing shortcomings.   

FMWhatsApp is a good example of a WhatsApp MOD app.  


What is FMWhatsApp?

FMWhatsApp is one of the best mods today based on WhatsApp’s original code. The app was developed by Foud Apps (developer: FoudMakkad). The user painstakingly added many features that weren’t available on the original WhatsApp.   

This app is not available in the Google Play Store, but you can download it from third-party websites. Please note that you should consider and should get additional support from antivirus software on your device before using, as third-party websites may contain viruses and malware.  

The characteristics of the FMWhatsApp  

FMWhatsApp is focused on bringing some new features to enhance the visual and color experience of traditional WhatsApp. The most prominent of these features is the ability to change the color layout. For example, if you don’t like blue in a group chat, you can now change it to another color. That didn’t change the basic nature of the app, but it raised the level of excitement several times over, especially when WhatsApp was billed as an online chat app exclusively for friends and family.

FMWhatsApp also allows you to hide privacy-related items such as last viewed, delivery reports, online status, and interface ICONS. With this flexibility, users can both ensure their privacy and enjoy more aesthetically pleasing options.   



Highly customizable  

First, FMWhatsApp is a powerful WhatsApp MOD app in terms of customization. Specifically, you can interfere with the following content:  

  1. Replace the original app’s green theme with your desired color, then select from the gallery.  
  2. Feel free to add custom themes to your library, which can contain thousands of different themes.  
  3. All app ICONS can be personalized by changing the icon color and graphics.  

 Enhance the user privacy

FMWhatsApp also through the following a series of additional functions to provide you with more privacy:  

  1. When chatting with other users, you can freely choose to edit privacy through Settings. FMWhatsApp allows the display of last viewed, delivery reports, online status, blue check mark, and double check mark.  
  2. You can disable video calls. The original WhatsApp didn’t have this feature.  
  3. You can use application locks to set passwords for applications.   

These features will increase your privacy when chatting with anyone through the app. You’ll no longer have to worry about others tracking your online presence.  

Exclusive characteristic  

In addition to the ability to customize and enhance user privacy, FMWhatsApp has many other exclusive features that are just as useful.

  1. You don’t need to save a contact to send a message. This app allows you to send messages to unsaved contacts.  
  2. The original app only allowed you to pin up to 3 chats, but now with FMWhatsApp you can pin up to 100 chats.
  3. You can also change the layout colors for different chat groups. This feature is currently not available in the original app.   
  4. FMWhatsApp allows you to send messages to large groups of up to 500 people. In the original WhatsApp, that number was 250.  
  5. You can send 60 pictures to one recipient, which WhatsApp can’t.  

  FMWhatsApp more advantage

In addition to the specific function of the above, FMWhatsApp also convenient for the users to add the following details:  

  1. With the anti-delete feature, recipients will not be able to delete the messages they send to you.
  2. You can choose any theme from a gallery with over a thousand themes.
  3. You can share 10 images in one message.  
  4. You can share large files up to 700 MB.  

What are the drawbacks of FMWhatsApp?

However, as with any mod applications, FMWhatsApp in addition to the above advantages, there are still some shortcomings:  

  1. Privacy rights: Developers can see the messages you receive and send. This is the biggest inconvenience that affects users’ perception of FMWhatsApp. The developers do not state or claim that they cannot extract or track the information in your chat. Apart from the possibility that third-party websites (where you can download apps) may contain viruses, this is another factor you need to consider before using FMWhatsApp.  
  2. Speed is also another drawback of FMWhatsApp. Many real users say the features in FMWhatsApp work much slower compared to the original WhatsApp.  

Download FMWhatsApp APK for Android

This app is not available in the Google Play Store, but you can download it from third-party websites.

If you want your WhatsApp chats to be more colorful and unique, and you want to keep your online presence private, you might consider using FMWhatsApp. But if you’re focused on secure, fast online chat, like the original app, you need to think carefully.



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