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If you are looking for an all-in-one application that can manipulate and edit PDF file formats, Foxit PDF Editor is a great choice.

Use Foxit PDF Editor to manipulate and edit everything on your PDF file!

What is Foxit PDF Editor?

pdf files have many benefits for working and exchanging information because they are seamless and don’t get disrupted by changes in the format, data, and layout of the content. But manipulating PDF files without app support would be quite difficult.

It’s time to install an app on your mobile device that can operate in the PDF file format in 360 degrees, so you can keep track of your work anytime, anywhere. If you are looking for a versatile application that can solve all PDF-related problems, you should try downloading Foxit PDF Editor to use.


What stands out from other PDF editing apps?

If some other PDF apps just focus on downloading files, reading them, or simply editing, Foxit PDF Editor has a much broader reach.

Foxit PDF Editor is a PDF file editing application with all the necessary basic to advanced features that allow you to download, view, comment, edit, share, export, and protect PDF files. Almost all the necessary tasks can be accomplished with just a few actions on the app’s simple interface.

The Foxit PDF Editor introduces many utilities, large and small, that are extremely lightweight and can be used with little impact on resources and memory capacity. There is no long wait for downloads and less power consumption. In particular, the app is very reliable as it adheres 100% to the principles of operating online and is compatible with 100% of the PDF file formats available on your device, no matter what browser you use to download the file.

In addition to this, Foxit PDF Editor also provides absolute security for your PDF files, so that all sensitive information is no longer worried about being leaked or unnecessary access. Foxit PDF Editor also currently supports up to 12 languages, helping users around the world to have unlimited access and use.

View and manage PDF files

This is the basic function of Foxit PDF Editor. When you open the app and start using it, you’ll immediately be able to rearrange PDF files so that you can easily view, sort, relocate, and rename each file in its own easy-to-manage folder. More organized, easier to view, and easier to find are the first features that Foxit PDF Editor brings.

If you have thousands of PDF files on your phone, through Foxit PDF editor, you can also easily search for files by searching for keywords present in the file content. Similarly, this feature can be used to find a phrase or a piece of text in an open PDF file.

Foxit PDF Editor not only helps you to open PDF files the traditional way, but also helps to read all the text in the file aloud, a modern feature that helps to save more time and effort while reading and browsing the file.


Share any PDF file with various sources

Once you’ve done the necessary things with the PDF file, you can add notes and stickers to the file, and then share the file or screenshots to cloud storage or via email, directly across different devices when there’s a WiFi connection.

You can also easily save, sync, or access PDF files from popular cloud services while you’re working on them. Currently, Foxit PDF Editor is linked to Google Drive and OneDrive… Make sure you can download, view, and use PDF files from all of these sources.

File conversion function

Foxit PDF Editor not only can perform many operations on existing PDF files, but also is a bidirectional PDF converter. The first is to make web pages from PDF format to Microsoft Office files, images, text or HTML. The second is to scan and convert paper document files and Microsoft Office files to PDF format.

Edit PDF files

In one or several PDF files, Foxit PDF Editor can help you edit according to all your needs: merge multiple PDF files, split files, or you can insert audio, video, hyperlinks, etc. Sign, fill out forms or work, mark, and make notes somewhere in the document. Or sometimes you want to add text and images to a file.

With a detailed and advanced editing process, you’ll better express your thoughts and comments, then optimize your files, organize your pages more logically, and then move on to sharing with other sources through the app’s sharing feature.

Protect PDF files to the maximum extent possible

One of the powerful and unique features of Foxit PDF Editor is the ability to protect PDF files. With this app, you can protect your top secret PDF files with multiple layers of protection, including passwords, ciphertext, and Microsoft Information protection features.

This and a few other premium features of the Foxit PDF Editor are only available through a paid version and require an app account registration. If you want to use it for free and get the most functions, you should download the application here.

Download Foxit PDF Editor MOD & APK  for Android

Download this application via the links above.  I truly wish you a full experience of all the features of Foxit PDF Editor.


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