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Have you ever been in a situation where your phone was fully charged overnight without using or activating any apps, but by morning it was only half charged? The main reason is that background tasks are still running and draining the phone’s battery. But how do you identify and turn them off to save power and optimize the battery? The Franco Kernel Manager APK is the perfect app to help you solve this problem. Let’s take a look at this application through the following article.

What is the Franco kernel manager?

Franco Kernel Manager is a tool for measuring and counting hardware and software parameters of Android devices, such as CPU, GPU, ZRAM, BUS, battery, or clock run time. Specifically, the application will deeply penetrate the basic processes of the operating system and device and extract important parameters. The Franco Kernel Manager will then provide detailed information about the hardware and software on your device so you get a handle on their current performance, which will be constantly updated.


Prominent features of the Franco kernel manager:

  • Simple and friendly interface

The interface of Franco Kernel Manager is designed to be very simple, but full of necessary features. The app focuses on the main menu and important options, making it easy to find information the first time you visit. In addition, one of the highlights of the Franco Kernel Manager interface is the use of harmonious and balanced colors to create a pleasant feeling for users.

  • Effectively manage and save batteries

Batteries are the building blocks of electronic devices. The more batteries are used, the longer the battery life, and the longer the battery life, the lower the risk of battery failure or unstable operation. Therefore, Franco Kernel Manager will be a useful tool to help you solve this problem by effectively monitoring and managing battery capacity.

Specifically, Franco Kernel Manager will provide you with information related to the power consumption of each application to form a battery usage chart. This will help users understand which apps consume the most battery. You’ll also know which apps are running in the background to shut them down, avoiding vulnerabilities that reveal your personal information. Franco Kernel Manager immediately warns the user if an unusual change occurs.

In addition, when you turn on your device, Franco Kernel Manager also has an active time counter feature, which means it will predict the remaining battery life based on the battery’s current power consumption.


  • Support detailed control panel

Franco Kernel Manager’s dashboard will help users view the results of hardware and software measurements on the device. For example, in the CPU central processing unit, users can learn the clock level and its operating parameters over a period of time in real time.

Through this control panel, you can directly interact with your device and set the parameters for each operation. For example, when you play a game, you can set the maximum CPU clock and RAM usage.

  • The night shift

In addition to the above features, Night Shift is also one of the most useful features. When you use mobile devices at night, the blue light is very harmful to your eyes. As a result, Night Shift will help you remove those blue lights and replace them with yellow light (depending on the adjustment), making your vision feel more comfortable and pleasant.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is the kernel manager free?

    No, you can buy the Franco Kernel Manager for $1.59 on Google Play, but it’s totally worth it with the excellent features the app offers.

  2. Is the Franco kernel manager secure?

    You can rest assured that the app is extremely reliable and 100% secure. Franco Kernel Manager is a legal and licensed platform. The application simply performs its functions without changing or adding any other information to the original data.

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Franco Kernel Manager is one of the best tools for your mobile device, with powerful and useful features such as measuring software and hardware parameters and displaying the battery consumption performance of applications on your device…… Although it is a paid app, it is indeed a very useful app. The app helps you manage your devices well. So, let’s download this amazing app right now!


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