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Watch HD videos from multiple sources directly on your smartphone!
The video age has arrived, and we can’t afford to ignore this fascinating form of entertainment. To prepare for the upcoming happy hour, you need a useful, smart, and fast HD video Player, such as FX Player on mobile devices.

When do you need a mobile HD movie app?

Entertainment on smartphones has always included watching high-definition movies. In addition to watching movies directly on online movie channels, you can also download movies to your phone or save them on cloud storage for watching when there is no Internet connection. But in return, you must always be prepared with a multi-feature movie app that can handle multiple movie formats smoothly on your phone.

If you often need to watch movies offline on your phone, watch videos stored on your NAS, PC, or any cloud storage, or even want to watch HD videos on the big screen of your smart TV and Chromecast, an app dedicated to watching HD movies will give you comprehensive help. Take control of all the controls, customize all the display elements, and enjoy as much as you want.

Today’s recommended video watching app is FX Player. Keep checking out the detailed features of this movie-watching app in this article.


Customize movie speed, subtitles, and size

One of the first utilities when watching movies on FX Player is that you have full control over the speed of the movie or video you’re watching. Want to go faster or slower than the default speed (from x1 to x3), with just one tap, you can choose your desired speed and view it the way you want.

When entering the movie screen, you can easily choose different screen sizes to watch videos according to your preference. As for the captions, if you find that they are too small, too large, or incorrectly placed, reselect as needed, from the size and color of the text to where the captions sequence appears. All of these adjustments are made while watching the video and do not affect the viewing experience.

A private corner for you

There are some secret private videos and movies you just want to keep to yourself. So how do you get someone to use your phone and even open FX Player to watch a movie and they still can’t see those secret videos?

FX Player knows a lot about the psychology of users when it comes to offering secret folders. This is a private place and belongs only to you. It’s hidden in a folder included in the app’s movie catalog manager, where you’ll have to bypass the password barrier if you want to view, access, and watch movies. This feature is similar to the password-setting feature on online messaging apps for confidential chats.

Mirror image mode

Videos of exercise, dance, meditation, and sports are also the types of videos that are often downloaded multiple times to offline viewing devices. However, when these videos are turned on, you will be standing opposite the practitioner, so it is difficult for you to follow and there are many obstacles when comparing the moves.

You don’t have to worry about this with FX Player either. The app provides a mirror view that helps you get an inverted image with high image re-export while maintaining the original quality. From now on, you can practice without thinking about switching sides.


Watch high-quality live streaming

FX Player users can use this app to watch online videos as attractive Streams in addition to watching downloaded movies and videos. Streaming viewing is seamless in real time and compatible with many popular protocols, including FTP, HTTP, and WebDAV.

Multi-task window

For the convenience of users who want to watch a movie and open other apps at the same time, the layer popup feature in FX Player opens the movie screen as tiny pop-ups that can be resizing and resizing. Floats between screens so you can easily see the progress of other apps’ usage. Though small, the pop-up’s display is still full of customizable buttons and easy-to-read captions. This feature is especially useful when you don’t want to miss the movie you’re watching and still focus on your work.

Intelligent management of folders and videos

In addition to playing and customalizing the process of watching movies and HD videos, FX Player is a tool for managing video files on mobile devices in a concise and intelligent way. FX Player helps sort the list of videos by user-named folders, and then you can choose where to store them.


Loop or randomize the video

When watching a movie or music video with FX Player, you can choose to play according to different criteria. The first method is to show a preview video. You’ll use this feature for random previews. Videos played in loop mode will be able to repeat based on routines you set up, or because you select a movie and watch it over and over again until you want to stop.

Video editing support

If you need to make some basic edits to the video you’re watching, FX Player can still help you with that. The app supports basic editing operations to trim your favorite videos. You can also merge the trimmed videos together to create a collectible video when needed.

With sound and image requirements, FX Player also has the ability to extract sound and image respectively and then save the finished product as a short film or animation.

Download FX Player MOD & APK for Android

FX Player is a complete HD video and movie watching app for mobile. Have you created your own professional, convenient movie world like FX Player? If not, install the app and try it right away.


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