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Gallery Photo Editor v3.1.0.366 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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* Photo Editor with Collage, Filter, Sticker, Video, Neon, Effects & Crop features.

* If you’re looking for an all-in-one app that controls image collection in your device’s memory, then this is the one you shouldn’t miss. Through the app, users will be able to take full advantage of various basic to advanced features that the app equiped users with.

* Gallery Photo Editor is a perfect and simple photo editor and collage maker app that allows you to edit your photos with multiple filters, effects, stickers (400 +), artistic backgrounds, and many powerful photo editing and image editing tools.

* Gallery Photo Editor keeps personal photos and videos secure by locking them using pin-protected fingerprint verification and encryption. Simply browse through your phone’s photo library, then tap on a photo or video to import it into your vault. Your files will be stored secretly and can only be viewed in this app after entering a digital password or pattern. Photos and videos imported into your phone can only be viewed or played after entering the correct password. Use app lock to protect your social photos, call history, and phone numbers from privacy breaches.

Outstanding function

  1. Easy to Use Photo-Editor
  2. Built-in HD Video Player
  3. Apply Filters and adjust
  4. Multiple Stickers, Neons and Effects
  5. Collage Maker and layouts, frames
  6. Vault Feature with lock/unlock using pin and fingerprint scanner
  7. Recycle Bin, Trash files
  8. Status Saver
  9. Dark Mode for YOU

The following is a more detailed description about Gallery Photo Editor.

Basic photo library

For a photo library application to create, the first function that the application needs to perform optimally is undoubtedly the management of users’ photos. This will be the first feature Gallery can do really well, creating smart photo libraries that allow users to perform basic actions. The app will fully implement the most basic operations of the gallery app, such as viewing photos, watching videos, and arranging them into separate items.

Make unique videos

If you have a lot of different moments recorded in the form of images, making a movie can be very fun. Coming to this app, users will also experience a specific movie maker integrated and ready for basic operations. You’ll need to select beautiful photos in your photo library, and the app will be able to combine them into wonderful movies with various transition effects.

Protect private images

With this app, users not only have a library where they can manage their images, but also a place to protect their most private images. After bringing all of their personal photos to the app, users will be able to keep them highly secure with a carefully designed password entry. Once the installation is complete, all private photos need to have a password or fingerprint built into the device so they can be unlocked the next time the gallery is used.

This photo editor application is designed with a user-friendly interface, and if you want to hide your confidential or private photos along with videos such as personal selfies, wedding photos, social media chat images, photos and media files or screenshots, and webcam videos then you have to try its vault feature.

Apply the color editor

Recorded photos often need to undergo post-processing operations before being posted to personal social networking sites. If you need a built-in image editor in your image library, Gallery will definitely give you the highest satisfaction. Your images will be even more beautiful with the filters provided free of charge by the app.

Essential for Senior Editors

Users using this app will be able to perform color correction operations through the filters and experience many other features. The app also comes with a simple image editor for users with image cropping, rotation, and more. You can also experience advanced integrated editing operations in this app, such as image merging and deeper editing.


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