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GU Recorder helps you record anything from important calls to games or any immersive reality show or even movies on any mobile screen. Everything that appears on the screen is saved as required at standard speeds, colors, and clear images.

The fastest, most convenient and clearest way to record your phone screen!

About GU Recorder

When will the screen be recorded?

What you need right now is an app like GU Recorder dedicated to screen recording. You don’t realize you need it until it pops up. However, the need to record screens is not too foreign to people who do content work regularly or need to record screens regularly for entertainment or work.

Sometimes you have important video calls that you want to save as important data. You’re watching a reality show, a sporting event or movie or some first-rate gaming session on your computer and want to save it for more detailed reference later. But you can’t use another phone to record the local screen, because the picture quality will definitely drop.


Edit the video

Screen recorded videos in GU Recorder can be edited before, during and after recording.

Before recording the screen, you can proactively introduce unique color overlayings. The biggest unique feature in GU Recorder is the filter camera collection. By pre-selecting the right color overlay filter, you will immediately be able to capture every detail under the beautiful color overlay. This is the editing phase before recording.

Editing is very important during filming. It both saves time and gives you instant editorial inspiration that you might not feel in post-production. For editing, adding during screen recording, you can use various dynamic functions in GU Recorder. Doodling on the screen with a magic marker while recording with any type of note or handwriting, the goal is to highlight what needs attention, important notes, or some happy emotion to better connect with the viewer. With a little ingenuity and creativity, anything is possible.

In post-production, there are various editing functions from basic to advanced, which can enhance the aesthetic feeling of recorded clips. You can rescale clips, trim, prune, merge with other screen clips, add music to blank areas, and more. These tasks are similar to any video editor you’ve ever used. Importantly, it can be done immediately without wasting too much time.

Record screen video with actual sound

With GU Recorder, you can record everything that happens on your screen when the record button is pressed. Not only is the image transmission good, GU Recorder can also record the sound of the device’s microphone with high fidelity, good sound, clear, and no distortion. With this support, you can easily create various operation videos, product promos, and more. Open the screen, show the product and demonstrate how to use it, and record the whole process through GU Recorder. With just a few simple steps, you can get professional, polished videos for free. Detailed sounds can be customized to obtain the desired sound level in the finished product.

When making screen recordings through GU Recorder, you also have the option to get a full screen view by clicking Hide the floating window. GU Recorder also has many detailed customization features to ensure that the finished video meets expectations. Specifically, you can reset the video resolution (up to 1080p) and automatically Orient the screen to portrait or landscape style, or you can set a countdown timer for the app to automatically stop recording. While recording, you want to pause or resume recording at any time.

Support for screen recording

GU Recorder also offers some special features to support screen recording. Because you can recover the lost video. This feature is useful if you’re recording and accidentally close the app. You can instantly restore a video that was just recorded and just closed.


Once you’re done with the video, you can choose to save it to its original size or compress it using the app’s built-in compressor. The compressor ensures that the decompressed clips retain the original quality of the video. If you need to convert your video to MP3 for easy use on multiple platforms, GU Recorder can also do so through the MP3 video converter function.

Download GU Recorder MOD & APK for Android

GU Recorder is a valid screen recording app for any mobile device. With simple, easy-to-use operations, you can quickly record screens and combine pre -, during – and post-recording screen video editing.


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