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As a traditional instrument associated with many important traditional Chinese cultural values, the zither can be said to be the most popular instrument among ethnic instruments and plays a very important role in folk music. Guzheng has a long history and is fast to learn. Now more and more people are learning it. Do you like guzheng as an instrument? I believe many people (especially girls) have a dream of zither. So where to start? Today LOVELYSTATIONERY.COM introduces a Guzheng teaching APP fou you. That’s the Guzheng Master. Guzheng Master app will teach you how to play the Chinese zither. Learning zither can not only practice a skill, more important can let you cultivate self-cultivation, cultivate sentiment.

Teach yourself Guzheng with Guzheng Master on your mobile phone!

About Guzheng

Guzheng is a Chinese plucked zither, which originated in China and has a history of more than 2,500 years. Guzheng is divided into different types according to the number of strings (such as 23 strings, 25 strings, 12 strings, 13 strings…) . Each region has a slightly different string design and number.


Among all the ancient Chinese lutes, the zither, which originated in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, still maintains its traditional values of elegance. It is a classical instrument, which represents the past and present culture of China, so it is loved and studied by many people.

In terms of origin, the ancient pipa belongs to the string instrument family and the plucked instrument family. That is, if you learn, players will have to use their fingers (real or fake) to pluck the strings in combination with tapping the strings to make the sound. To play well, you must practice skilled and flexible techniques and the rhythm of both hands to create a melody that is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Like any other instrument, playing the zither requires not only knowledge, but also diligence and dedication. Once mastered, you can use the zither for solo, ensemble, vocal accompaniment, and even in combination with many modern and exciting current genres of music.

How to learn Guzheng?

If you can’t afford to learn guzheng at school or with an outside teacher, you can consider studying it at home. Of course, compared to the popularity of guitar, piano and ukulele, there are not many apps for learning guzheng online on mobile phones. However, a fairly complete and useful option is currently available to the user. That’s Master Guzheng.


What did Master Guzheng bring you?

Guzheng Master will teach you how to play Guzheng, from easy to difficult, from beginner to master. Whether you are a former guzheng player who wants to become a professional with more practice or are getting into guzheng for the first time, you can still find the level and learning rhythm that suits you.

Not only that, Guzheng Master also simulates a real guzheng in real life. Download Guzheng Master to use, which means you have a professional virtual instrument at your fingertip. You don’t need to carry around a zither, you don’t need to carry around any textbooks or chord notebooks, you just need an app to have everything.

About Guzheng Master Course

Guzheng teachers teach you how to play the 21-string full string guzheng, the most popular type of classical instrument that has been loved by people since ancient times.

The app offers theoretical courses from basic to advanced. The lessons are divided into different topics to help players easily master and master them in the shortest possible time. From right hand playing techniques: picks, glides, trills, overtones to left hand playing techniques: pitch, glides, small vibrations, large vibrations, percussive tones… Then how to combine these techniques from slow to fast to create the necessary effect for each song reverberation.

Guzheng Master also offers a large number of music lessons in different genres, allowing you to practice daily according to your own schedule. Depending on your level and preferred style, you can choose any exercise and adjust the training speed to better fit.


In addition to simple exercises, Guzheng Master offers many music games. Through these games, you can quickly memorize and practice habits and reactions from basic knowledge to advanced knowledge.

Get all the information about the Guzheng in one app

Once you’ve gotten some practice in the initial exercise of the app, you can start mining the database of over 650,000 songs from the Guzheng Master Music book. Each song has a demo, with notes and detailed instructions that guide you through the different melodies, rhythms, and styles.

As you play music, whether it’s a practice lesson or a selected song in the app, you can combine recordings to hear you play. From then on, adjust your learning style to make faster progress.

The Guzheng Master also supports multi-touch and sliding operations, allowing players to simulate the action of the Guzheng on their phones. When this function is activated in Guzheng Master, the phone immediately turns into a professional classical guitar, allowing you to show off your plucking skills in any situation.

Download Guzheng Master free for Android

Guzheng Master is an application for learning guzheng with rich functions. Play while you learn, have an ideal music collection to practice with, and an efficient zither simulator that turns your mobile phone into a miniature zither to take with you.


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