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Gym WP supports you for online and offline workouts at home or anywhere. With a specific training plan with personal goals, close tracking, and detailed results, Gym WP is the app you should have when you want to get fit.

Transform your body

More than 1 million people currently use Gym WP every day to improve fitness, stay in shape, or improve their physique. Gym WP has a large number of users, draws on a lot of previous fitness apps, coupled with consulting and course design from big experts in the fitness industry, has many outstanding advantages. It’s worth downloading if you’re serious about getting fit.

What does the gym WP have?

Simply download Gym WP to your phone and you’ll have instant access to a variety of pre-scheduled and personalized workout. But that’s just the beginning. Once you get used to the app, you’ll start to get more specific body metrics and understand what your body expects when exercising with Gym WP. You can then enter this information and have the app send you a personalized gym schedule.  For an extended period of time, you’ll have access to advice and exclusive exercises from industry experts. At this point, you can dive deeper into your fitness journey and achieve your goals with more rigorous metrics and reports to help you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time.

Gym WP is also an application that helps you identify your body. From weight, height, fat index, circumference measurement, BMI… These indicators are regularly monitored and compared to help you see your physical condition objectively while setting your goals for different stages. Then from those specific goals, back to the features above, Gym WP continues to offer different schedules and workout plans to help you get it done. Gym WP’s unique closed-loop loop will actively support you to stay in shape without limits and improve your measurement results.

Do your own exercises

Once you are familiar with Gym WP’s recommended workouts and workout intensities, and get to know yourself better. If you want, you can create your own supergroup by connecting to your favorite parts of Gym WP’s many available workout. It can not only mix operations, but also intervene the frequency, number of actions, and number of repetitions of later size operations to best suit your requirements and physique. Once created, these personal freestyle worksessions can be stored in Gym WP’s collection. When needed, each time the needs are different, can be taken out at any time.

Fit all goals and needs

While some other fitness apps only focus on serving certain goals, such as improving health, building muscle or losing weight, Gym WP is suitable for all needs, genders and ages. Whether you want to lose or gain weight, stay fit or tighten your waist, stay fit or improve endurance, work out to relax, or perform high intensity training to lose weight fast, Gym WP provides you with effective workouts and schedules. By entering your personal goals and current BMI, Gym WP will help you create an initial, customizable fitness plan if you find something that doesn’t quite suit you.

This workout plan and schedule is blended and distilled from a collection of exercises provided in the app. Gym WP has over 500 exercises with pictures as well as detailed explanations and instructions. The exercises were classified into categories with or without equipment.

Exercises to reduce muscle fatigue

Gym WP is also a well-known fitness app as it offers a range of exercises to reduce muscle fatigue. But before that, the app lets you know what state your muscles are in, how to recover or make them better, and when is the ideal time for you to start exercising with Gym WP.

This technology will not only allow you to easily and proactively monitor muscle health, but also avoid the risks associated with overtraining, thus maximizing the effectiveness of your workouts in Gym WP.

Download Gym WP APK for Android

Download Gym WP and use it as a comprehensive tool to measure fitness, determine fitness, measure muscle fitness and set yourself specific goals for your training process. Gym WP is also a great companion to any fitness class anywhere, offering multiple personal workouts or tailor-made workouts via the app, or even creating your own created plan. Gym WP always delivers the best results for your health and fitness.


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