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HAGO is a social app where you can comfortably entertain, connect, and chat with your friends or anyone in the same community. Today  LOVELYSTATIONERY.COM is going to talk about the app in detail

About HAGO

HAGO is not a simple entertainment game, nor is it an online chat app. It’s an interesting combination. HAGO is an all-in-one social application platform that can meet almost everyone’s entertainment needs, including the need to connect with friends.

Participate in HAGO’s social network to stop being bored and worrying about staying at home for long periods of time. I don’t know if it’s a joke. Well, let’s go through the list of activities in HAGO to see exactly what it is.   In this micro social network, you can pour out, play games, share and chat with any participant about any topic or interest in life.   

Free to play interesting minigames

As long as you like, almost all types of entertainment mini games, HAGO has. You can open HAGO at any time of the day to find your favorite games and have hours of fun. If you don’t like to play alone, you can definitely invite more friends or play with anyone in HAGO.   

There are many different types of minigames in HAGO, with more than 80 minigames currently in total. Any style will work, from action games to brain cracking games to simple casual games. What they have in common is that they are short, concise, easy to play, and fun. Just come here to play the game, here the game collection is enough to make your mood significantly lift.  

In the community, you will team up with beautiful boys and girls and play hot games. Feel free to find teammates and chat seamlessly in real time throughout the game. You can also win the latest limited skin. If you’ve tried to play a lot of mobile games and it’s not fun, let’s try playing with a lot of people in HAGO. The experience will be very different.  

Many chat rooms

Do you like to chat, even with strangers? HAGO will be the right choice for you. You can join different public chat rooms here to meet new people. You can choose topics based on your interests, communicate with each other for purposes, or just build new friendships.  In that chat room, you can not only exchange words and expressions, but also organize karaoke parties in the room, or start painting contests, or organize chat parties with friends… Any form can be done in HAGO.  


HAGO supports video chat to help you communicate with your friends and families. Chat with your friends via message or in person, no matter where you are, with plenty of emoticons, funny animated stickers, and cute filters. The conversation between you and everyone else will be very interesting.  


Many live rooms with different themes 

HAGO also has powerful live-streaming capabilities. Anyone who participates in HAGO can access the live broadcast booth anytime and anywhere. Tens of thousands of talented “studio owners” are waiting for you. There are also countless playgrounds, with different attractive themes such as singing, dancing, makeup and so on…   If you have a particularly happy moment in your life, you can also share it with the HAGO community through the Square feature. You can meet a lot of like-minded people and find a resonant voice with some new people in the future.  

Download HAGO APK for Android

HAGO has more than 100 million downloads, which is a huge number for such a fledgling social networking app. HAGO’s main goal is to spend time in a fun way: to chat, talk, learn about favorite topics and be entertained through a series of exciting games in a young and vibrant community with similar interests.


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