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Draw better portraits with Head Model. Study faces from simple planes to complex geometry. Head Model Studio is the best  Android app to learn and study faces. Let’s take your sketches to the next level.


Head Model Studio, inspired by master methodologies, comes with 25 different models,  including 2 free. From basic to more detailed models, progress easily by understanding the planes of the face.

Head Model Studio is an app that supports science-based learning and practicing in many different schools. You will learn effectively and pragmatically through theory and practice.

About Head Model Studio

Are you pursuing portraiture but still haven’t found effective teaching and training tools to improve your skills? Not sure how to turn a portrait into a sharp, modern one in a short time? You may be looking for the Head Model Studio.

Head Model Studio is an app that helps paint better portraits through multiple methods, tools, theories, and practices, from simple planes to complex geometries. According to the professional school, the homework exercises in the app are enough for you here to pursue, reference, lean on, and create increasingly beautiful, sharper portraits.

Draw portraits according to professional art school

Portrait painting is a science. The person who can create a good portrait must possess a great deal of professional knowledge and scholarship in addition to talent. It’s all based on exact science and meticulous detail.

If you want to paint a good portrait, you need a good background. Part of this foundation comes from the process of learning, studying different faces and expressions in detail. Based on complex geometric principles, not only on one plane, but on many different faces. Head Model Studio will help you summarize this knowledge, quickly master it, and easily put it into practice.


Learn the art of lighting

Every change in the Angle of light, sometimes just a very small detail, can also change the aesthetics of the finished product. Once you’re done with portrait painting or portrait sculpture, you’ll need to delve into the art of lighting. Ambient light, that is, the way to make full use of different light sources (natural or artificial), will create a unique aesthetic feeling for the portrait art work.

With Head Model Studio, you will learn a lot of important knowledge about real ambient lighting, how to reproduce the sunrise, sunset, noon light and other daytime light. You can also get many practical examples of how to use Studio Lighting to create the ideal lighting combination for a portrait or sculpture.

Full control over 3D models

For each model, you get a different way of viewing, contouring, and portraying. Models for each method will be presented in 3D to allow for full observation from different perspectives.

With this 3D model, you have full control over your preferences and desires: zoom in, zoom out, tilt, rotate, flip, and even slice to delve into every part of the model.

Free models

The app also offers many free models for you to draw your own portraits or sketches to create highly realistic portrait sculptures. But you’ll have to resort to it’s premium plan.

Currently, you can choose :

Lifetime Premium: $29.99 

1 Year Premium: $11.99

Download Head Model Studio MOD & APK for Android

For students majoring in sculpture, fine arts, painting, and architecture, Head Model Studio is a very suitable application for you to learn more knowledge and do practice. It is neat, streamlined, problem-focused and offers highly practical education and theories. It will add a lot of inspiration to help you create high quality portrait sculptures or portrait paintings.


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