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Do you like reading?
As we all know, books are the ladder of human progress. Books are a great and valuable source of human knowledge, but time and work are the two key factors that contribute to reading difficulties. In the hustle and bustle of today’s life, people often don’t have enough time to read the whole book. To solve this problem, Headway was born. Headway gives you the opportunity to delve into various classics in just 15 minutes. LOVELYSTATIONERY.COM will take a closer look at Headway in this article.

Progress and its mission

Headway is a breakthrough mobile app for education and discovering new areas of knowledge. Headway aims to create a modern knowledge-based reading community, providing high quality book abstracts to help you quickly and effectively grasp the main ideas of works in science, literature, business and many other fields. In particular, each abstract takes just 15 minutes to read, even for people with busy schedules.

Plenty of benefits

By introducing you to the main ideas of the book and exploring the author’s deep implications, Headway can help you expand your knowledge and understanding even if you don’t have much time to read. So, not only does Headway help you save time reading books, this app is also designed to improve each reader’s knowledge and thinking.

Headway also contributes to the dissemination of knowledge and reading culture in the community. The app facilitates communication and discussion of books by creating a platform for sharing views and reviews of books. Thus, Headway also promotes the development of a reading culture.

Summary of the book in 15 minutes

Have you seen the popular movie review videos in recent years? These are basically one-and-a-half hour long movies condensed into just a few minutes. It’s the same principle as Headway, meaning you’ll be able to outline the main content of a book in 15 minutes.

Unlike the so-called “reviews,” though, these “reviews” are extremely messy and industrial in style. The book summary content in this application is carefully selected, focusing on the important and core ideas in the book, which can help readers quickly understand and absorb knowledge.

Make a reading schedule and plan

The schedule creation feature allows you to create a personal reading schedule based on your schedule and goals. You can determine how much time you spend reading each day or week, and the app will help you create an appropriate reading schedule. For example, you could set a goal of reading one book per week or finishing a certain number of book summaries that month. The app will track your progress and provide notifications when you reach your goals.

Headway uses the information in your schedule to recommend suitable books. For example, if you have few hours in the day, the app can suggest short book summaries or easy-to-understand audiobooks. This can help you optimize your reading time. In addition, this feature also lets you track your reading progress. You can see how many books you’ve read, how long you’ve read them, and what goals you’ve accomplished.

Audiobooks (save your time and energy)

One of the biggest advantages that Headway brings is that the app contains both books and audiobooks. Those who have used the audiobook feature love it. Headway’s audiobooks bring convenience and flexibility to a wide range of users. You can listen to books while taking a shower, exercising, driving or even doing housework. This will help you use unlimited time to learn and master new knowledge.

Headway’s audiobooks not only save you time, but also help you learn a lot through emotional reading and excellent expression. Instead of reading the text, you can hear vivid voices that present the main ideas and important information in the original book.


Variety of books

Headway doesn’t just focus on one particular area. The app offers summaries of various book types, including autobiographies, novels, life skills books, business books, science, sociology, and many others. No matter what field you are interested in, you can find books you like to read at Headway.

Headway is a useful app for people who want to use their time and learn more. Download the app now and start your reading career.


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